Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 10 - Going Potty!!

I am going to have a go at some of these! I got the idea from here. I intend to give them as gifts a bit similar to the garden gifts I made last year, in kit form. I will paint the pot  with leftover blackboard paint from last year's projects and trim it with a raffia bow, then add a packet of seeds and some chalk to the inside as a gift and wrap in cellophane. I will add a Herb Garden tag to the gift.
You will need:
Terracotta plant pot
Masking tape
Blackboard paint
Foam brush
Raffia or ribbon
Packet of herb seeds
Handmade tag
Glue dot.

1. Mask off the rim of the pot and paint the rest with blackboard paint, using a foam brush. Leave to dry completely. Add a second coat if required.
2. Make the handmade gift tag by stamping the word herb garden on some Kraft card stock.
3. When the paint is dry, remove the masking tape and add a bow made out of raffia, secure with a glue dot.
4. Add the stick of chalk and packet of seeds to the pot and wrap decratively in cellophane. Secure with more raffia in a bow. Staple the herb Garden gift tag to the top.

This is an idea for you to run with yourself, there are no end of possibilities! Gifts in plant post are a great idea! You can bake a loaf in a terracotta pot if it has been "seasoned" so you could give the ingredients for bread in a pot, with poppy seeds or something as a topping!
What about a reindeer treat pot for the kids to make. Draw around their hands on brown paper and cut out for antlers. Secure to the back of the pot and make a face on the front including a red nose! Fill with sweets as a handmade treat!
Or if you didn't make them, the Christmas tapas pots from last year's countdown!
Don't forget for those new additions to the family, you can make Baby buckets in decorative plant pots like I showed how to make here!
Finally, how about this I saw on the net, as a basis for a great wreath! You often get the tiny pots a florist shops or Hobbycraft.
Ok, I think that is a lot of potty ideas!! Drop by tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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