Friday, 12 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 12 - T bag people

I think mugs are a great value Christmas gift and nice for teacher presents too, although our staff room is full of best teacher mugs! I had an idea to make fun tea bag holders that would be easy and disposable for a simple gift idea. These were just made from scraps!
You will need:
Scraps of red, pink and white scrapbook paper or card stock
Glaze pens in white and black
Creamy coloured ink pad
3D foam pads
1. Download the pattern pieces from here and print off. If you are using a wider mug, you may need to extend Santa's arms before cutting out the pattern piece or he will not hang on the cup.
2. Use the pattern to cut out the pieces in scrap paper. My papers were single sided Basic Grey papers, so I glued them together to make them double sided before cutting the pieces out. Ink all the edges with the creamy ink pad to add shadows and depth.
3. Cut out Santa's suit and add some details using the white glaze pen. I added a belt using the black glaze pen too. Add the facial features using the black pen.
4. Build up the Santa pieces in 3D using the foam pads, starting with the face, then the beard and hat and the gloves and wrist bands. You may need to secure the gloves with a bigger foam pad or silicone glue as this is what the figure is suspended by when the tea bag is in the water.
5. Select your tea bag shape carefully so that you have a way of suspending it from the figure. I used some Vanilla tea bags that had a draw string with a paper that hung over the side of the cup, so that gave me something to staple to the Santa without piercing the t-bag itself.
You need the t-bag to be suspended in the mug so that the water does not reach the Santa or the colour will run! Tuck his arms back over the side so he does not get pulled under the water!
6. Make two or three more of these, maybe different people (snowman, reindeer etc) and place them all in the cup, before wrapping the gift in cellophane. A simple gift that will raise a smile!
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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SusieJ said...

A great (and cute!) gift idea. Love it.
Sue xx