Saturday, 13 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 13 - Paper Tree decorations

There are decorations similar to these in Ideal Home's Special Christmas magazine, but I had thought of making these when I saw this picture on the net and had saved it to my inspiration folder! I often Google images and save a few in a batch for inspiration in different folders labelled by season. Then, when I am seeking inspiration, I open up the folder and often things spark an idea! When this Christmas Countdown is over I will share some of my favourite inspiration sites!
Try Googling Origami Wreath in Google images for lot of ideas, or if you fancy a full sized Origami door wreath try here! You know me, you know I collect old books and sheet music and go for a Shaker style look, so that's how I made them.

You will need:
Old sheet music, maps, book pages
Bakers Twine
Silicone Glue
Heart template (Mine was the Hama bead heart template like I used last year)

1. For the top decoration I just pleated three strips of map paper to make a small fan.
Fold in half to make a centre crease. Apply DST to one long edge.
Use the three fans and tape them together to make a complete circle. Cover the centre with a button using some silicone glue. Make a hole in the top to thread Bakers twine through, using a paper piercing tool.
2. For the Origami Wreath one there are instructions on the net everywhere. You will need 8 pieces of paper, I used Scrapbook paper for this one. The size depends on the finished wreath, but for a tree decoration, mine were 8cm x 4cm.
Fold in half matching the long edges and crease.
With the fold along the bottom, take each end and fold downwards at forty five degrees as in this picture.
Now fold in half so the last folds are hidden in the centre. Once you have done all eight like this, you need to link them into a circle. The best description I found on the net was here. If you find it wont go together right (like me) I had one piece that I had folded incorrectly! So go back and check them all as the first step is important to keep the long fold st the bottom before folding the end points down!!
3. There is a garland similar to this in Ideal Home, but I had made mine by drawing around my heart template on old sheet music and then punching the hearts with a Cropadile, before threading them on Baker's Twine. I knotted after every heart, so they would stay spaced out. I used a Caramel apple Glimmer mist to antique the music a bit more and give them a sheen.
Remember these are paper and if you put them on your tree be careful not to place them too close to any fairy lights. I would hate there to be a fire problem!
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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Kazy1 said...

fabulous tree decorations, thanks for sharing the step by step instructions. karen