Monday, 15 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 15 - Gift Card Holder

This post is heavily weighted with step by step photo's as the paper mechanics are a bit tricky to explain in words, so I will keep the words to a minimum!
I am always fascinated by the ingenuity of packaging and often keep complex packaging that intrigues me and deconstruct it later. This is one where you open one side and the other side pops open at the same time!
It works on the principal of this double slider card here in this video so if you watch it, that may help you unravel the mystery of how it works! I actually took my inspiration from a phone Sim card holder that came with my last mobile phone.

You Will Need:
1 sheet of bazill card any colour you like
Extra strong double sided tape
Piece of plastic carrier bag
A beer mat
Pattern paper and embellishments to decorate the outer case when completed.
A Fiskars paper trimmer or similar with a scoring wheel

1. Cut the sheet of card in to three strips one is 11cmx30cm, one is 8.5cm x 29cm and the last one is 11cm x 21cm. They will make the outer sleeve, the greeting card sleeve and the credit card sleeve respectively. Write on each one on the wrong side, so you don't get them mixed up.
2. Starting with the outer sleeve, change your wheel to a scoring wheel, lay across the paper trimmer length ways and SCORE at 1cm, 1.5cm, 8.5cm, 9cm, 16cm, 17cm, 24cm, 25cm as in this photograph
3. Fold along the score lines to crease on the inside of the card. Lay the strip down.
From the end that you scored at 1cm and 1.5cm, we need to make two notches in the side of the larger section. I measure in 0.5cm from each side and then removed the card with a craft knife. Start and stop 0.5 cm from the crease lines.
4. Add some double sided tape to the lower edge on the outside, ready for later.
5. For the Credit card sleeve (11cmx21cm) score at 7cm and 14cm along the 21cm length.
Using a credit card to draw around, slightly off set the hole to one side as in this photo. 
Rule a line 1cm inside the credit card shape, this is where you will cut this one with a craft knife like this.
6. Fold up the card into three and use this hole to draw a credit card shape on the lower layer, through the aperture.
This time it needs to be the full size of the credit card shape as you can see here now it has been unfolded.
7. Apply double sided tape to the back of the card, along the edges and then fold into three along the score lines, with the smaller aperture on the outside - this is important!
Fold the biggest window in first and stick, then the smaller window. This gives you a small flap that you can tuck your gift card behind so it does not fall out.
Put this to one side for now and start the Greeting Card sleeve.
8. Score this piece of card for the greeting card sleeve at 7.5cm, 8cm and 19cm parallel to the short edge, then turn and score 0.5cm and 1cm in from each long edge.
Trim away the excess card along each long edge, as in this picture, up to the 7.5cm score line, using scissors.
Crease along the score lines.
Turn over and add tape along the two folded in flaps and around the edges of the opposite end. Fold this end in first, then fold the flaps under to create a pocket by folding the other end in. This is where you can tuck a little gift tag. (18cm x 7cm strip of card, scored at 9cm)
9. To assemble the whole thing, pick up the outer sleeve first.

Strengthen the notched out section of the outer sleeve, by cutting a beer mat to the required width and gluing it in place. Now cut a strip of plastic bag, big enough to go around this section with enough for a small overlap. Stick the plastic bag to itself firmly using strong tape, but don't stick it to the cardboard, it must run freely, sliding round and round as this is the magic that makes it work!

10. Add some double sided tape to the right hand end of the plastic bag strip as in this picture. Take the credit card sleeve and place face down so the tape hits the flap that the credit card is tucked behind.
Remove the backing strip from the double sided tape you added earlier and fold the top down to stick this section in place.
Now you will see the other side of the plastic bag strip.
This time you need to add some double sided tape to the left hand end of the plastic bag strip and place the greeting card sleeve face down on this. Secure the final flap of card with a couple of strips of double sided tape to complete the box securely. When you pull out one flap, the other flap should pop out of the other end automatically. I added a small length of ribbon to the greeting card end, for you to pull so the credit card popped out the other end as a surprise. You can do this with a staple or punch a hole with a Cropadile and thread it through. Finally cover the outside sleeve in a patterned paper of your choice and embellish it.
This has to be the most difficult set of instructions I have tried to type! Let me know what you think! I intend to give some I-tunes vouchers this way this year!!
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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Shop Vouchers said...

This is really clever. I love crafting but have never really tried. I have a box full of gorgeous papers and cards but I don't even know where to start! This looks a bit complicated for me, I think I should start with something a more simple!