Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 16 - Simple pop up card for children to make

I am always on the look out for simple but effective cards we can made in the card club at school. I got the idea for this card from here (page 13).
It is going to be one we can make in quantity for the school Christmas fayre, without too much difficulty. An adult needs to cut the 'pop up' part, but other than that its a quick and easy make.
You will need:
A5 card in blue
A5 backing paper in any choice for the outside cover
Iridescent Maya Mist
Snowflake or tree embossing folder and embossing machine
Tin foil
White card off cuts for the trees
Ice blue ink pad
Snowflake punch or similar

1. Cut out the A5 card in blue and then make three hinges for the pop up by cutting half inch wide strips across the central fold of the card. The outer two were 3 inches long and the centre one was four inches long. Pull these outwards as you close the card so that they will pop up. (If you are not sure how to make these, watch this simple do-crafts video to describe the process.)
2. Pass some white card stock through the Cuttlebug inside a snowflake embossing folder, then cut simple triangles for trees. Ink the edges with ice blue ink pad.
3. Pass some tin foil through the Cuttlebug in the same folder so we can punch out snowflakes later. I used crafters foil but tin foil should be fine, you could always use double layers! Once the foil is embossed, punch out the snowflakes using the punch. Punch some from the left over white embossed card too.
4. Spray the background of the card with the iridescent Maya Mist to add some sparkle. Leave to dry.
5. Mount the trees on the pop up hinges you have made using 3D foam pads.
6. Add some foil snowflakes to the top of each tree and scatter the rest on the background. Glue in place using Glossy accents.
7. Fold the card shut and encase it inside the patterned paper of your choice for the outer cover. Glue in place with glue stick. I decided to trim the foreground of my card as I preferred how it looked, but it is up to you.
8. Add a ribbon stamped with a Christmas greeting. Simple but effective, I am sure the children will enjoy making these!
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx


Antique Mommy said...

Your little blue pop up Christmas trees are wonderful. I'm going to try to make this with my 7YO over Christmas break. Thanks for sharing!

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

This really is so cute, certainly a craft for my children to do this Christmas!