Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 2 - The 2010 December Daily Album!

I so enjoyed the December Daily project last year, I have made another. I showed earlier what I started with and what I covered the pages with and I showed here the finished album. I have had a request to have a peep inside at the blank pages, so here we are!
I have decided this year to add the numbers of the date as I go along, so I can have more control over which page I use on a specific day. So, these are literally the blank pages, ready to go and I have a bag of embellishments and trims to hand, along with journaling cards.
Last year I found it very helpful to have this bag handy on my computer desk and as I printed off the photo's each day, I stuck them straight in. I have again, recycled items for the daily and love the random pages it gives me.
Quite a few are plastic wallets this year, taking the lead from Ali Edwards model for 2010.
Lots of pockets and envelopes to store pictures and journaling. It will be interesting to compare this years with last when it's done. I need to find new things to write about!

The page for Christmas day is a large fold out page made from a brown paper gift bag.
If you were at all uncertain about trying this, please have a go. Take this opportunity to get started and make the album ahead of time, it makes all the difference to getting the project completed. I am sure you will have some Christmas papers you could use, lurking somewhere! Join me for another project tomorrow. TFLx


Sandra said...

Looks lovely, and I like the fact that I've seen non christmas paper in there.

Brenda said...

I love your idea about adding the dates as you go along! I used a bead/wire binding on mine this year so I can't add envolopes or extra pages. I started to work on a few of the pages but it's hard if I don't know what the day is going to be about.
NexT YeaR...see, I'm learning a lot from you lol
I'm also going to pick up Christmas papers and embellishments this spring as they go on clearence for next year.

Maureen F. said...

Love your album - all the fun sizes - awesome job