Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 20 - Advent Calendar Inspiration

I have seen some lovely advent calendar ideas on the net this year, plus I have two magazines from Germany just on making advent calendars! Remember those cute little clothes pegs I bought in Germany that are already numbered??
I suppose there is a limit to how many advent calendars you need! I made this one in 2008 and this one in 2007. I even made this one for the dog! However I cannot resist making things, so here are my ideas for this year, but as yet I have not made one!
I love these tags here from Country living (page 39)
I also like this one using tags with ornaments from Pottery Barn;

This one I found (Sorry I have forgotten where!) with some vintage findings and I was going to make enamel number tags for this one like the previous project here.

Rusty tin buckets from the East Of India Company here, are just up my boulevard!

Or the aluminium buckets from Hobbycraft;

Buckets of Joy advent calendar by Garnet Hill;

More rusty tin buckets at Pottery Barn; 
Neutral fabric advent calendar at Pottery barn;

Other ideas I had were little patchwork angels like this with a number on;

Or finally, I would love to buy some new born baby socks in red and white and make one like this from Martha Stewart, but that could be quite expensive, if only I could knit!

Any of these ideas tickle your fancy? Let me know which one you think I should make! TFLx


Katrina said...

I really like the rusty tin buckets from pottery barn that are hung up on the door :)

Sarah A said...

Tough choice, they are all gorgeous!
I made one recently which is on my blog here, would love to have you take a look!

Sarah x