Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 22 - An advent ring decoration

I think I'm officially a "Heart-oholic!!!" I cannot resist a heart shaped item, I just buy it!!! With this in mind I did a circuit of the house today and came up with 13 photo's of hearts without trying!
Here are a few that I found! What is more, I discovered my sister is a "Heart-oholic" too at the weekend! Lol! Anyway, back to the project, this was an idea I saw in a German craft magazine a few weeks ago, made with a circular cake cooling tray as the frame. I had a circular wire pot stand, that had a heart (of course!) in the centre, so I used that. (Pictured top left!)
You will need:
Some Christmas decorations (I used a selection of hearts!)
Some of the greenery on wire we used for the candle jars before
A selection of ribbons
Some message tags
Circular cake cooling tray

1. Wind the greenery around the outside edge of the cooling tray, threading it through here and there to secure it.
2. Turn the cake stand over, so the feet of the cake stand, become the hangers for the advent ring. Tie ribbons to each foot and then join with a loop in the centre to hang up.
3. Thread all of your decorations on ribbons of different lengths. I used three of each type of decoration. Try to always use odd numbers, it's better for design. Vary the length of the ribbons too.
I hung 3 red hearts on long ribbons, 3 wooden trees on long red ribbons, 3 wooden hearts (green) on short bakers twine, 3 heart cookie cutters on short gingham ribbons, 3 wooden tree ornaments on medium length twine and 3 Merry Christmas metal tags on short linen strings. I hung a large central heart from the centre at the bottom and a wooden heart in the centre at the top. 
4. To decorate the edges add three ribbon rosettes. Wind ribbon around your fingers three times to make loops, then add a twist of wire across the centre and pull tight. Twist the ends together a couple of times then put on the edge of the cake stand.
Twist to secure in place, then fan out the ribbon loops.
In Germany they added candy canes and chocolate decorations and used it as the advent calendar. They also added a set of battery fairy lights to the greenery. I know my husband will moan that he is going to walk into this, but I have hung it from our beam in family room, from a heart shaped hook of course! (See the first picture!)
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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furrypig said...

I {heart} your great ideas! I also wanted to congratulate you on making it onto the front page of UKS under blog bits.... have you seen it?? xxx