Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 23 - A table Centrepiece

Another idea I spotted in Germany. A mini forest centrepiece for the Christmas table based around the three Toadstool candles I bought.
You will need:
Three toadstool candles
Two lanterns of different sizes
Moss from a florist
6 Pine cones
3 Twig spheres
3 Bark stars
3 tealights in holders
1 Tall flower pot
Two heart tree decorations
3 Glass spheres or baubles
1 Reindeer
1 branch of artificial frosted berries cut into smaller sections
1 set of battery fairy lights
1 Fibre bow
Spray Snow
1 Large tray or bowl to arrange the scene in
Blue Tac to secure

1. I covered an MDF reindeer in patterned paper and sanded all the edges.
2. Secure the lanterns and flowerpot in place on the dish using blue tac.
3. Group the glass baubles to the front left in a three.
4. Arrange the moss around the edges of the dish to fill in.
5. Part the moss and locate the three toadstool candles using blue tac to secure. Recover to surround the candle base so it looks like the toadstools are growing.

6. Fill in the gaps by arranging the pine cones and twig spheres in groups of three and dot the bark stars here and there reserving one for later.
7. Starting at the back of the arrangement behind the lantern, lay the battery pack for the fairy lights here and then spiral the wire in and out of the objects around the edge of the dish. Cover the battery pack with the reserved twig star so the 'on/off' switch is easily accessible.
8. Fill in the back of the arrangement with the two tea light holders.
9.Arrange the two heart tree decorations where they will be seen when the candles are light, for reflection. Push the frosted berry stems in between the objects here and there to fill any remaining gaps.
10. Position the yarn bow away from any candle.
11. Position the reindeer away from any candle.
12. Finally give the completed decoration a spray of fake snow, being careful to keep away from the candles.
13. Switch on the battery fairy lights to check the full effect.
14. On the big day, use the flower pot to hold either a miniature conifer or a small glass containing some fresh flowers.
REMEMBER to be candle safe and never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep all naked flames away from items that may burn or melt.
Join me tomorrow for the final crafting project in the Christmas countdown! Can you believe it?? TFLx

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