Friday, 5 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 5 - Napkins for the table

A while ago I was contacted by a company and asked to test their Inkjet Transfer Paper to see what crafty ideas I could come up with. It was a long time ago and I admit I did misplace the small sample temporarily!! Recently I found it and have been able to use it in a couple of projects, one of which is napkins!! As long as you know how to print mirror image on your inkjet printer, you can have a go with any inkjet transfer paper. If you fix it correctly, they are washable. Most people do this with photo's, but I wanted some simple number place settings that I saw on the web at Heather Lins Home.
Here is my version.
You will need:
Cotton or linen fabric or pre-made napkins
Numbers font of your choice
Inkjet transfer paper
Domestic 1200W Iron
Colour inkjet printer
Silicone paper
Hard surface to iron on (not ironing board) I used hardboard

1. Open numbers or photograph of your choice in a word document or similar on the PC and set the size you want. Group as many images as possible on one sheet of A4 so as not to waste the ink transfer paper. Open the printer settings and make sure you are going to print in mirror image. Test on scrap paper first to be sure if you want. Place ink jet transfer paper in the printer, the correct way round and print.
2. Cut fabric to napkin size required and stitch around the edges to neaten. (Or use pre-made napkins)
3. For this type of paper, pre heat the iron for two mins at max temp. Place fabric on the scrap hard surface you are using (Not the worktop!!!) Place the image face down on the fabric and iron for approx 3 mins, moving the iron continuously. Ensure all corners and edges are well ironed. More ironing time will be required if the image is big.
On my transfer paper there was a green iron icon on the back of the paper that had to turn brown when the heating was completed.
Apply pressure. Leave the paper in place until the fabric completely cools for this paper make if you want a high gloss finish, if not peel off backing paper hot.

You can see here the high gloss finish on the bottom one.
4. To fix the image, cover the image with silicone baking parchment and iron all over for 15 seconds.

5. This paper recommended washing the item before use on a normal 40 degree wash.

The finished napkins with a matt finish. I Think these look great. Just make sure you iron it enough. It worked very well. I have another project in mind too for this!! I preferred the matt finish for this country look.

There are loads of similar ideas on the net, here are just a few of my favourites;

This is a good idea too!

The original stimulus from Heather Lins Home
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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