Saturday, 6 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 6- Sewing kit

I got the idea for this a while ago, off the internet, using a small jar and I had saved it to favourites, but I had been wanting a vintage look to mine rather than a new jar so I scoured Ebay for some vintage 'Kilner' jars with the lid in two sections. Fortunately I won some the other week, so I have been able to get started.

Imagine how surprised I was to open Ideal Home's Christmas magazine last week, to see they have done a version this year too! Anyway, here is mine!
You will need:
A glass preserving jar with a lid in two sections
Circular Scrap of fabric 2" wider than the jar lid (I used a scrap of the natural linen I used in the napkins)
Card or paper to line the lid
Polyester wadding to stuff the pincushion
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Contents of your choice for the sewing kit
1. Take the lid off the jar and take out the central disc. My jars were old, so these were glass, so you need to draw around it on card and use the glass lid at a later date for another project. On modern Kilner jars there is a metal disk you can use.
2. Make a dome shape out of polyester wadding and enclose it in the centre of the linen fabric gathering the edges into your hand and smoothing the top rounded surface. (You can apply a small amount of glue to the underneath edge of the lid before the next part, but I was worried about getting glue on my plain linen, so I didn't.) Push the fabric stuffed dome shape through the opening in the lid, from the underneath of the lid, to create a smooth dome top to your pincushion surface. When you are happy with it, place either a card disc or the metal disc inside the fabric edges, covering the wadding in the lid and glue the spare fabric over the surface using a hot melt glue gun. Cover these raw fabric edges with another disc, this time of patterned paper, to keep it neat.
3. Add the contents you want to the jar and maybe a few pins with a label to the pincushion lid, (depending on how you want to wrap the gift.)

4. Add a ribbon bow around the outside. I added a typed "Sewing kit" lable on vellum.

Join me again tomorrow for another project. TFLx


SusieJ said...

Wonderful! TFS.
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

What a terrific idea for a Xmas gift & not too expensive to make.
I don't know about the magazines ones but yours look great....Mgt.

Carole said...

Love, love, love this project Caroline! Thanks for sharing!

Carole xxx