Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Christmas Countdown Project 9 - Candle jars

Whilst visiting my SIL in Germany last week, I took a trip to one of my favourite shops I go to whenever I am there, DEPOT.
I got the inspiration for these jars from that shop's window display. I took one of my storage jars I have in the craft room from IKEA
I bought another medium sized jar for £1 from Asda (they have two sizes £1 & £2 each) and used one of my small KILNER jars I won on eBay for the smallest one. The glass lids make great tea light holders too.
You will need:
3 glass storage jars with spring tops similar to the one above
3 berry scented pillar candles (Poundstretcher)
3 florist 2" candle holder/spikes (Mine came from Germany but ask at the florist)
3 tubes Decorative sand (Poundstretcher)
A bag of Christmas pot pourri/spices
A reel of artificial greenery on wire
Various decorations to trim the jars like hearts, ribbon, wool, cookie cutters, metal gift tags, artificial berries etc
2 large Pomegranate tea lights
1 small berry tea light
UHU glue (Possibly)
1. For the two larger jars with spring clips, you need to carefully remove the clip and the hinge assembly to deconstruct the jar.
Leave the wire around the neck of the jar, but remove the glass lid and the wire around the edge of the lid as well as the clasp. Separate the rubber seal ring from the glass lid and put the glass lid to one side as a tea light holder. Keep the rubber seal.
2. Carefully widen the wire you removed from the circumference of the lid and make it into a handle for the jar, this will be for decoration only so you don't have to do this if you don't want.
3. Repeat with the other jar of this type in medium size. The small Kilner jar does not have a handle. Arrange the candle holders on the neck of the jars or inside to check sizings.
I tried all three on the neck but I decided the largest jar was best to have the candle just resting on the decorative sand inside the jar in the end. I used the rubber seal on the neck of the middle sized jar, as the candle holder was too narrow and fell through the opening! I glued the rubber to the glass rim using UHU glue not hot melt!!
4. Spread the candle sand between the three jars, most in the big jar.
5. For the largest jar, I nestled the candle directly in the decorative sand, then I trimmed the neck of the jar with the greenery on wire and tied a metal heart tree decoration on at the front. I added a metal gift tag to the right hand side saying "Merry Christmas" (Got these from my local gift shop.)
6. For the middle sized jar, I added some spices and pot pourri on top of the candle sand before balancing the candle on it's spike on the neck of the jar. To trim this one, I used some of the greenery on wire and then added some extra thick yarn I bought in Germany and tied a heart cookie cutter to it for decoration.
7. For the smallest jar, I added some dried apple slices from the pot pourri on top of the candle sand and then added the candle spike to the neck of the jar and pressed the candle on securely. The neck of the jar was decorated with the greenery on wire, with some sprigs of artificial berries threaded through. I added another metal "Merry Christmas" tag to this jar.
8. For the tea light holders, I upturned each of the glass lids and place large and small tea light within each one.
Arrange your jars on a tray or large plate, grouped together for more impact. As an alternative, you could make these in a non-seasonal colour to match someone's room as a personalised gift, to use all year around. 
REMEMBER TO BE CANDLESAFE! Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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