Monday, 1 November 2010


I've been on a little jolly to Germany again to visit SIL. (here she is with my hubby!) Can you believe we really went for a football match???? Werder Bremen were playing and hubby had chance of a ticket, so of course we had to go! However, I managed to do lot's of crafty shopping!!! Why is it they are so into crafting compared to us??? I had millions of craft magazines to choose from, the difficulty was deciding!! Caused a bit of a stir at security coming home, when the had to search my hand luggage to work out what this was!!!
It's a "Gugelhupfform!" of course. Look at my two shortbread cutters too! One camel and one reindeer! Just gorgeous! You could even buy a set of cutters for the whole nativity scene, I was very tempted but had to remember my stupid Ryanair luggage allowance! We took far too much even though I insisted on one hold case between us!! You just wait til you see what crafty goodies I bought!! I will share later when I have unpacked. Need to go and fetch Barney home from the kennels first!!! TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Sounds like a great trip CC - I would have enjoyed the football too!
You're asking the same question I ask every time I go to France - why do they have such a huge range of magazines etc for scrapbooking compared to us?
Sue xx