Sunday, 7 November 2010

"We interrupt this countdown................

for an important stash alert!!!" ...... Especially to cheer up Sue in the middle of her Radiotherapy treatment because the little bugger came back!!!!! :(
My German craft purchases!!!!
Lots of pegs including a set with felt numbers 1-24 on them for an advent calendar! WoodenToadstool garland. Wooden card decorations in trees, reindeer and some bark stars!
Lots of ribbons, string, wool, wire and raffia.
Tin foil to emboss, pillar candle holders, moss, pot pourri, berries and some battery snowflake mini lights.
Hearts, hearts and more hearts in various shapes and sizes!!!
Gorgeous little toadstool candles!!
Gorgeous little rusted tin hanging tea light holders!
Little tea light cradles to suspend inside jam jars! Oh and six craft magazines, including two just on making advent calendars!! Enjoy the list Sue! TFLx
P.S. Today's crafting project will follow shortly!!


SusieJ said...

Very yummy stash! You did well CC.I'm sure Sue will be proud of you!lol
Sue xx

furrypig said...

I love everything you bought! Did you go to Germany or was there a craft German locally? Sorry if you have said it on yr blog already but just getting round to catching up!