Wednesday, 1 December 2010

And we're off!!!

Except we are not! We are all snowed in here in East Yorkshire! My school is closed, along with just about all the others! Insufficient staff can get in! No problem deciding what today's page will have on it in the December Daily! Just been to put the wheelie bin out, but am not hopeful! Could not decide where the pavement was!! I may have left my bin in the road!!!
DS managed to get to the mini roundabout before hearing his school was closed! Fortunately he went out in that blizzard fully prepared! Ski goggles and all! Lol! Looked like a snowman when he got back! Not a great look!
Have been out with Barney when the snow did eventually let up!
It is like Polystyrene balls!! They even had thunder snow here locally! Not something I had heard of before! But then the snow came down again!

And Barney's coat came off as he was up to his armpits in snow and he then refused to move! So I had to go to him!
Past this snowman keeping goal!
Have been baking mince pies this afternoon, for hubby to take to work next week on his birthday (a tradition!) and did my good deed for the day when the parcel postman came, I gave him two for managing to get here despite getting stuck in snow seven times! Lol! You should have seen his face when I said "would you like a warm mince pie from the oven, I have just been baking!" 
Just need to pipe the brandy butter in the centre! Hopefully will try to get to work tomorrow, although DS 1 already knows his school is shut! Stay safe and warm! TFLX


SusieJ said...

Love the snowy photos - we don't have any yet.
They'll make a great start to your journal.
Sue xx
p.s. Great idea to build that snowman there - s'one has imagination. :)

Sandra said...

Even though we've been snowed in now for a couple of days, I'm loving all the blog reading I'm doing tonight and seeing other's snow pictures. Thank you very much.