Friday, 17 December 2010

A cold and frosty morning!

Even the garage door and back door were iced shut today so that must have been a cold night last night! Out and about today, running errands for my parents then meeting hubby at Sainsbury's for a cuppa in his lunch break, then back here to taxi from school after lunch for my friend's son who broke his leg weeks ago, but with screws in his ankle, does not want to risk walking on footpaths in this weather! Specially when he has his first driving lesson this afternoon! Then back home to catch up with ironing and washing the floors! Will pop back later and tell you how I have got on! Need to be up to date with all washing and ironing if DS1 is coming home from uni tomorrow! I will have mountains to do then! Lol!
Must not forget Barney's walk either!
Errands for parents
Barney's walk
Meeting hubby for cuppa
Taxi for Rob
Wash floors
Darling son 1 home from Uni
Load one of washing!
As you can see I got more done on my "to do" list than I thought!!! TFLx

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