Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The final stages!

Here are the last four days of the December Daily I have written up, in reverse order for some reason known only to blogger! I have done day twenty and twenty one as well, but forgot to photograph them today!
Hubby had a day off today and we did some last minute shopping and had our lunch out. Other than that, we have just been chillin' sat round watching TV, drinking mulled wine and eating Satsuma's! Today's page might just be about them!!!
Today we have had yet more snow, but thankfully the temperature has managed to make it up to 0 degrees for once! Thank goodness after yesterday's plumbing shenanigans! (Is that the correct spelling?) We have actually purchased a bbq today! But not for us! For a leaving present! No wonder we got funny looks struggling out of the shop with it!
Feeling surprisingly calm at this stage although I am sure I will break out in a panic shortly! I heard a crash at 3.30 this morning and was convinced we had a burst pipe, but woke up to find one of my strings of cards on the floor instead thank goodness!
Have downloaded instructions for cooking my turkey crown (a first for me!) I am normally struggling with my 14lb turkey that was only supposed to be an 11lb, but the butcher always adds a few extra pounds for good measure! Ticking things off one list, but making a 'to do' list with the other hand!! Trifle - check, mince pies - check, brandy butter - check etc etc. Big day tomorrow - TFLx

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