Friday, 10 December 2010

Happy Birthday big sister!

December is full of birthdays for my family! Hubby sister and DS1, so that's 3 pages of the December Daily done before I start! Add in my parents wedding anniversary on the 29th and that's plenty! Anyway, Happy Birthday to my sister. This picture was taken when we went to Paris a few weeks ago so I will be using this for todays daily entry as she is already back in France, so I wont see her today.
Today was tree selection day! Hubby had a half day off today so we decided to go and get a tree as we think it will be very busy tomorrow!
WE always get a real tree, but this may be the last time as the prices keep going up and up! I prefer a Nordman as they don't drop needles but I think they are expensive, so we may consider an artificial next year, I just needed to get my head around that adjustment! I love my real tree :( This was the first time my new car has been out of the garage since I got it a fortnight ago! I have not dare in this awful snow! We needed this car to get the 6 foot tree in!! Hubby is between cars at the moment, his new one for work is coming in January, so he is using DS1's Corsa! What a few weeks to be in a car fix!!! Was going to write a bout all that on a "slow" day in the Daily, but there has not been a slow day yet!! Today I also need to fit in hubby's work's Christmas meal tonight! Several pages for today again! This album will never close! Lol! TFLx
Updated; Just got home from the meal out. Taxi had to drop us at the end of the street as it was all like a skating rink! I had high heeled platform shoes on! It was the scariest walk or actually, skate I have ever done! I did at least three triple salko's! (Triple salko - Jump with three twists!) What a performance!!!

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