Saturday, 18 December 2010

Home for Christmas!

It is the first time DS1 has been home since August. It was nice to get him home yesterday.
Although along with DS1, comes all the washing!!!
And there is plenty here too!! To be fair, a lot of it was washed but never ironed, so I could not bring myself to hang it up without ironing it first!! It's a matter of pride and I know that is my problem and not his, but I just can't bare to see him in crumpled clothes, even if he doesn't care!! It's a mother thing!!!
DS1 and OH got togged up and went to the match yesterday, it was DS's treat to his dad for his birthday last week.
I stayed at home and washed, and ironed and baked mince pies, whilst DS2 was at work and Barney slept, and slept!! Lol! TFlx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

don't you just love them, bring all their washing home, well mum does it best, lol...

is that leeds football club cc? they were lucky ours was cancelled...

maria xx

SusieJ said...

So pleased your DS is home - long time since August .
Mine is stuck in Bristol - hopefully he'll get home tomorrow.
Hugs, Sue xx

kelly said...

I know how you feel, i got mine home from boarding school a week ago and im sure im still doing the washing they bought!!!! Have fun and enjoy you christmas together :)