Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Houston, we have a problem.......

this is the December Daily already and we are only on day 8 !!! I am feeling a volume two coming on this year!! I really don't want that to happen but the unprecedented weather has really got a grip of my journalling and I can't stop! It has become a diary of the snow and how to prepare for Christmas, or not, as the case may be, under severe difficulties!!
Last night I decided to do a two page spread about the record breaking temperatures.  It started because I got hubby to drive me to Tesco on Monday night to buy a new iron and the car thermometer read -10 at 6pm!
As I added this envelope page in, I started to think about when it had been as cold as this before and I printed off some details from the BBC Humber web site, of the winter of 1962 just when hubby was born! MIL told stories of how the journey to hospital was dodgy and how at one point they found themselves on the pavement in the freezing fog instead of the road! I printed off a bit about all the records that have been broken locally this week and the piece about 1962. I also found a lovely photo of the Humber Bridge on there too so printed that page too!
I added a page using the postcards hubby brought me from Sweden (quicker than posting them!)
I used a clear page protector and trimmed it to fit exactly. The postcards stay in place by punching the holes through the double layer. A few trimmings to the outside of the page protector help to reflect Ali Edwards 'transparent' feel to her album this year.
Finally, having walked to school with my camera, only to find the Memory stick was still in the PC at home, I have used a photo from my shopping online to tell today's story.... I ordered some snow boots...... eventually........... when I could find them in stock anywhere!!!
When they will get here is another matter, but I'm not going to be caught out again!!! Which reminds me, where are the woolly hats I ordered last week???? In a a warehouse somewhere along with everyone else's parcels lol!
P.S. Hubby still has had NO birthday cards delivered!!!! TFLx


Sam said...

Loving your Dec daily project! Your snow pics are fab and love the one of the set of wellies! Snow here only lasted two days but I did manage to get a couple of pics!!

SusieJ said...

Snap! My journal is also fat and that's before I've put anything in - I don't even have the snow as an excuse. I remember the winter of 62/63 - makes me feel old!
Happy belated b'day to your hubby - shame about his cards.
Love what you're doing with the journal - think mine is so fat because I've used transparencies for the dates.
Sue xx
p.s. hope your snow boots arrive soon.