Friday, 3 December 2010

More of the same!

Somewhere under there is my lavender hedge! I wonder if it will survive! Temperatures down to minus 10 last night!
Barney needs to climb this mountain of snow to get out for his walk! I may lose him! It is a question of where to put it? Where we cleared the snow on the drive yesterday has created a mountain scape! What's the chances of hubby getting home from Sweden today?
My version of Tim's tag number 2 is here:

December Daily day one:

December Daily day two:
Wonder what today will bring! TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Love the photos (and your journal) - does Barney like the snow? Max does but we don't have any - it was snowing last night when I went to bed but woke up today to a green garden - no frost even.
Sue xx
p.s. hope hubby does make it home.