Thursday, 16 December 2010

'No photo' crisis!

Today has been a slow news day! It was my last day at work before Christmas, but other than that a slow news day!! Thinking what to write about in the December Daily? My December daily is more a diary of what I do every day in December rather than a chronicle of everything Christmas related. Last year, the first year, I was able to chronicle all the traditions, this year has been more about the snow than anything, but that will be great to look back on. I decided to write about my last day of school for this term and then a random shot of my son's teenage bedroom! I am sure that 'tip' will be fun to look back on! Lol! I dare not post it here it is too embarrassing!
I have been tidying up the craft room for Christmas as someone may have to sleep in there (other than Barney!) So I have cleared the bed and made it up ready for any last minute visitors. I have a page planned on Christmas drinks, to include my hot chocolate pics and hubby's whisky miniatures as well as the dreaded Christmas big shop getting delivered on Tuesday! I have tried to minimise my pages slightly as I was worried the Daily was getting too thick!
I may even write about my weigh in on the Wii fit this morning. I have managed to lose half a stone since half term so that's good, well, heading in the right direction anyway!! Will have to not undo all the good work over Christmas!!

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