Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Perfect Paper and other random observations...

I made an album cover for a little transparent album from Paperchase to house hubby's photo's from Sweden that he is sending to his host as a thank you gift. I could not think what was Swedish but then I came across this Studio Calico paper that has the European countries on it and it was just perfect!
Today I have been limping around work with my dodgy knee and had to make an unscheduled return home at lunch, as I had left my salad in the fridge this morning!! Not sure why I chose salad on a cold day but it enabled me to sneak a hot chocolate drink with my lunch to warm me up!

In the absence of anything outstanding happening today for the December Daily, I took a photo or two! This is a Choccochino from my Dolce Gusto Machine! A chocolate fix for the dieter that is not too sinful!! (Well, calorie offset by a salad!!)
More post arrived today which meant I could spend tonight doing some much needed wrapping! Some of these parcels have been missing for weeks with this weather!

Talking of the weather, as usual, we are apparently due more snow in the next twenty four hours! Great! Our street is still not clear and they are talking about more???? What a winter! Good job my woolly hats have arrived from Asos today! I may look daft, but I have warm ears!! Sorry, no pictures available!!! Lol! Yet!
I caught up Monday's December Daily entry, when I did the Christmas cake, so I am almost on target. This next week is usually when it goes pear shaped!
Went with a no-icing look this year as we are not keen, and just toasted the marzipan instead! This is how my mum used to do cakes years ago for dad's birthday! A trip down memory lane!
One day left at work for me tomorrow and then I am off (as I only work part time!) Need to check up on my to do list!! TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Gorgeous album cover - what a thoughtful gift too.
Pleased I'm not the only one with delayed parcels - I won't know if I've bought all the presents I need unti lI wrap them and I can't wrap them if they're not here. grr!
The cake looks yummy - icing day next Monday for me.
Sue xx