Monday, 20 December 2010

Presentation Evening

We have just got back from Speech Night, where DS2 has been presented with his GCSE certificates and also was officially awarded the award for Inspiration and creativity for dance.
He knew he had won this back in April, but it was nice that it was re-presented at tonight's official ceremony.
We just got back and it was reading minus 10 on the car temperature gauge! Need to get that into the December daily! Wow!

Been a tough day for Barney today, lots of sleeping and he opened his "dog teasers" for Christmas! Just realised he has not done his cards this year!! Agh! (Notice how he manages to miss sleeping on the "dog cloth" I put on each bed! Lol! Well he has two paws on the cloth! TFlx

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SusieJ said...

Well done to DS2 - you must be very proud.
My DS made it home today - no washing has appeared as yet - fingers crossed!
Barney look so snug there - it's amazing how they "miss" the dog cloths - Max is just the same!
Sue xx