Saturday, 4 December 2010

Shopping by sledge!!!

Yesterday was a hectic day to say the least! It started with a big snow clearance job on the drive, in case we had to get a car out to fetch hubby from the station. he was on his was home from Sweden on business and I was not hopeful of him getting back here from the airport in Manchester when he only landed at 6pm :( Our drive is soooooooooooo long it took forever!
Then DS2 and I had to hot foot it down to the nearest supermarket to lay in supplies by sledge!
It was a good idea as the roads and car park were a nightmare! It was certainly a first too! Dad was due at The cancer dept of a hospital local to me, but 30 miles away from them, so they ended up staying the night - for only about the second time ever! Lol! Needs must! The weather conditions were bad! They prefer their own bed really!
We watched and tracked hubby's progress from Stockholm to Manchester and then Manchester to Hull by train and the only part of the journey that was cancelled was the last 10 miles!!! He managed to get a cab eventually and then walked into the estate, finally arriving home after 11pm! What a journey! He brought me a lovely metal tree, for a Christmas decoration, which will require its own page in the December daily I am sure!

I am exhausted today! Lots of expended energy!  Made hubby a birthday cake for tomorrow too TFLx


SusieJ said...

Ingenious and fun to go shopping by sledge!
The cake looks yummy and I love your silver tree.
Sue xx

furrypig said...

wow shopping with a sledge that is sooo cool! Love the metal tree too and Hope hubby had a great bday the cake looks scrummy xxx