Saturday, 11 December 2010

Trees! Trees! Trees!

Today was put up the trees (plural!) day! We bought the real tree yesterday, but as we were out last night, it got no further being stood in a corner! Today was "put up the tree day." We have decided to have a change an put the real tree in the family room off the kitchen where it will be cooler and be seen more! So the artificial tree has gone into the lounge and then the half tree has been hung on the wall in the dining room as usual, except I have had a whole new theme to  match the new decor!
Tree one:
The artificial tree is now in the lounge, placed on top of the sledge my dad made to give it extra height;

The half tree has been decorated with all white decorations to keep in with the new dining room theme!

What I decided to do this year was get all my decorations out (there are a lot of them!) and group them into colours. The real tree has the green and red theme, The half tree has the white theme and the lounge tree has the rest of the Shaker ornaments on!
I also completed the garland on the stairs;
Using the houses I made here in the Christmas countdown. I also did the mantle here;

Phew that's a lot of decorating!!! I'm worn out! We are going out tonight again!! Don't you just love Christmas!!
P.S. The snow is finally melting, just worried where all that water is going to go? Tomorrow is the Festival Of Christmas so I have another busy day of photographing ahead!! TFLx

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