Monday, 29 March 2010

Mad March Hares!

These cheeky little chaps are on their way to two lucky girls tomorrow, just in time for Easter! The little baskets were from Hobby craft and I made the rabbits from large clothes pegs I bought in France.
Here are two more (without the arms!) You need to paint the clothes peg, then add the face and feet. The arms are a pipecleaner with a bead on each end (so not suitable for very little children.) Hand drawn features and some string for hair.
The idea came from a German magazine I bought a few years ago whilst on holiday (it only recently came to light!) Each basket contains some coir grass from The Works and a rabbit printed cellophane bag (also from The Works)  filled with two bags of Cadbury's mini eggs! The sign reads "Hoppy Easter!" The rabbits make a great memo holder afterwards. TFLx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

I soooooooooo wish you could have seen.......

.......Barney's face when this strolled up the drive this morning, to within two feet of the dining room window!!!! He was almost beside himself!!! I did manage to grab the camera and get one decent shot before the battery died, but there was a tree between me and him!!

So today is Studio Calico reveal day and I am deciding what I neeeeeeeeeeed to purchase and what I can actually afford! Lol! I have no doubt that when I see the reveal, there will be lots of things I have to have, but trying hard to resist all of them!!
I have had a very productive morning of fitness and exercise! Starting early with a half hour stint on the Wii Fit, including a ten minute jog that nearly killed me! (not sure I should do that so soon after my hysterectomy, but I did ask the physio last week and she said the Wii fit was fine!) I have also "power walked" with Barney in my fabulous new "fitflops" I am expecting great things from these and have hung up the tag showing the 'nubile' model as a little incentive! I have also started my new low fat diet today, with the free 'week's meal plan' from the Slimming World website. I am giving it a go.
Ok, so just finished the umpteenth load of washing, I am now allowing myself an afternoon of crafting! TFLx

Was relatively restrained with the Studio Calico reveal. I did not purchase an add on , but did get a yummy pack of Cosmo textured cardstock in neutrals! Can't wait for that to arrive! Also got a retro, funky little punch and a Sunflower yellow mist, a little telephone stamp and more bakers twine - as I had nearly run out!!
Did not get into the craft room until tonight, but have been working on a little project that I have been considering for a while! Can't wait to finish it and share it with you!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Roses are Red........ and blue....

...well in my case they are! (I seem to remember doing another post entitiled roses are green some time ago!) anyway, I have made these roses using the tutorial here over on Amarylis' blog from Rebekah's blog hop (you are probably sick of me saying that by now, but I always like to credit where these ideas come from!)

These were supposed to be made in carstock and I used a Prima cardstock with a subtle sheen to start with, but I found it too thick and it was hard to add the curl. The pink one came from a sheet of patterned paper that was quite thick (and I have forgotten the name of it for the moment! It will come to me and I will update!) This was easier to curl and then I sprayed with Pink Grapefruit Maya Mist to get the metallic sheen once it was completed. I think I might have done better if I had a die cut to start with rather than hand drawing my flowers! Maybe my petals were not deep enough.
I think that is all the projects I have had time to complete so far! Yesterday, I did some craft room tidying and arranged my paper scraps into 12 x12 bags according to colour, as they had spilled out of the pizza box. It was great seeing some old papers there and I am hoping that I will be inspired to make something! Last week when I wanted a scrap of yellow for my Comic Capers layout, it took me ages to sort through the whole box, so that's waht made me decide!! I also have a lot of 12 x 12 bags now that I have my papers arranged in Studio Calico crop bags! That was something else I did, I disbanded the kist going back to last July that were almost done and bagged the remaining papers by manufacturer! Oh the OCD of it all! I think I have caught it from my husband!!
Today I am 'off to Uni' to pick up DS1 for his Easter break. Hopefully there will not be too much washing for the new machine to have to cope with! Lol!
Now to my RAK! The winner is......


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So that is you Terri! Please let me have your address and I will get your pack of Dovecraft 12 x 12 papers in the post to you asap! Click on my profile and you will find my email address.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Comic book capers!

This layout from the bloghop was to use comic books as an inspiration for a layout and include a speech or thought bubble. Another of Kirsty Wiseman's photo's from last summer, caught Barney in full concentration mode, as he knew I had chocolate drops in my hand! Bribery! I chose to use scalloped cardstock for a comic effect along with a graphic Sassafrass paper with a fun edging. I added my title to  a double layered 'action bubble' using layers of foam pads to add dimension. The speech bubble is also mounted on foam tape. The arrows are another comic strip feature! That single line around the edge is another one of those framing techniques that I am loving since doing these classes! That's where trying other people's ideas is such a good thing, this layout is not something I would have ever attempted without the inspiration here from Sandra in the Netherlands, thanks for making me think outside my box, again!!

Just as a side note, I do realise my photography needs some assistance! I got a new camera last May for my birthday and I am still coming to terms with it!! I have not had time to read up on it all! I often find I am photographing things late on, when the light is poor, but having just received my Daylight lamp, that I got as part of my Scrapbooker of the year runner up prize, I am finding it very useful to help photgraph my layouts. Even so there are still a few shadows. I am trying to improve!! When I look at some peoples photo's of their layouts, I have a lot to learn!! When I have time! Lol! Too busy crafting!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Me & Him

Everytime I do a new layout from this bloghop It becomes my new favourite! This, again, was not my usual style, as I don't often get the chance to do "pretty" when you scrap two boys! This photo of me and my best friend was taken by Kirsty Wiseman last summer and I have been meaning to scrap it for a while.
When I looked at the original idea on Stephanies blog here I realised I had some stitching templates somewhere, but I did not have skeleton leaves! I decided to use a set of leaf stamps that I had hiding in a drawer unused! I used some Brilliance ink in green and chalk eye ink in Lavender to stamp various leaf images up the side of the page, and across the bottom. I then got cracking with the stitching. Looking at my blossom jar I realised I don't do "pretty" blossoms either!! Just vintage!! So, out came the Maya mist in my new colours Pink Grapefruit and Latte and voila! I had "pretty" flowers! I wanted more dimension to my leaves, so I stamped some extra ones using the same stamps and Brilliance ink on to cotton Calico fabric. When it was dry, I added some spray starch to the back and then ironed it to stiffen the fabric. I cut out the leaves and curled them slightly before gluing them down.
I love the idea of journaling around the border of the cardstock too! That's three layouts I have done with borders in the last three days and all different! TFLx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Distress ink layout from the bloghop

This was a layout from the blog hop by Helena here. This was so graphic and quite unlike my usual style that I really enjoyed thinking outside of my box!! This shows just how vibrant distress inks can be. I used broken china and spiced mamrmalde as they went with my photo. The first go I had at the swiping the card in the wet ink was not very goos as I had not wet it enough, the second go was much better and I think blending over any white parts left was a good idea too! I love how the border of machine stitching just finishes it off too! I typed my journaling on an old typewriter.
Got lots more of the bloghop projects to share with you over the next few days! Still making some, there was loads to enjoy!

Monday, 22 March 2010

My Waterloo!

This is another project from Rebekah's bloghop, a sketch designed by Kat Glossop, love her version! I decided to use some of the fabric pleated ruffles I made in this tutorial here, to scrap a photograph from the 1960's when I was young and we went to The battlefield of Waterloo and climbed the Lion monument.

"The lion hill, which is the main memorial monument of the Battle of Waterloo, indicates the spot where the Prince of Orange was wounded. A total of 226 stairs leads to the top of the monument where one can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire battlefield."
All I can remember is it nearly killed me to climb those 226 stairs!! My dad was always one for the "educational" holiday visits!! I have a lot to thank him for!!
I used my Studio Calico kit, including that yummy wood veneer and found myself combining blue and yellow again, loving this combo at the moment. A happy accident was that the Tim Holtz distress ink in Faded Jeans went green on the yellow card (of course) so to cover some of this up I punched the doily half circles from the piece of Studio Calico "doily"paper to cover some of them up and tucked them under the edge of the sewn ric rac trim. I like the extra dimension it adds! I am going to add my journaling on the playing card when I have checked the exact date with my parents.
Check out the chipboard button on the corner of the photo
This was an idea I got from the Maya Road blog, to stamp on their blank chipboard buttons and then add a layer of glossy accents over the top (this one was sepia glossy accents, but I used normal too.) Love the finished effect. Just group all your buttons close together and stamp the whole lot at once using Archival black ink. Cover with the accents and leave to dry overnight. This stamp is my favourite at the moment!

Ok, so  life is back to normal for me now I am back to work after my operation, which means that Monday is 'school lesson planning' day. I am up early so that I can get out with Barney and then get cracking, so that I may have time this afternoon to do even more crafting from Rebekah's blog hop! All the projects are still there if you fancy giving it a go! TFLx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

First project from the blog hop!

I started well on friday night, working all evening on the first two layouts, Rebekah's was like a double layout as it opens to reveal more inside. I decided to record this as my 49th year as I started last year recording myself at 48 and this will follow nicely from that. I did not have some of the things Rebekah used, so I substituted others. I used cherry and hydrangea Maya mists and some Basic Grey rub ons with some chipboard shapes on the front. Inside, I printed the downloads onto printable acetate (after a long struggle with my printer!) I will complete the journaling now I have photographed it.
I was out yesterday at the Great Northern Papercrafts exhibition and then we had friends over last night so I have not had much time to play. I have however been through all the projects and bookmarked them for later! Hope you have too! TFLx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Misted Mini album from recycled products

Welcome to my blog! Click on the title above if you would like to see a short video of the finished project!
 My project for the blog hop is a mini  album made from two recycled gift bags and a couple of envelopes and some misted fabric journaling tags. Make the album tonight, decorate it another day and make the journaling tags another day! Or just make the tags! If you want you can download the instructions for the album here in two parts.
You Will Need:
Two kraft gift bags 11.5" x 9.5"
Two kraft envelopes of different sizes (opening on the long side)
5 sheets of 12 x 12 patterned paper (Studio Calico Home Front available at Bubbly Funk
Chipboard sheet (I used a recycled board book)
1 sheet of Bazzill cardstock, any colour
A few journaling cards
2 large brads
7 Gypsies Gaffer tape
A length of twine
Chipboard house embellishments (Maya Road)
Maya Mist
'Black Soot' distress ink
Ink blending tool

To Make The Album
1. Cut off the handles from each gift bag.
2.  Flatten the base of the gift bag neatly and carefully and burnish the creases with a bone folder.
Then turn the bag over..........
 and fold up the base, (along the second crease line in this picture.)
This gives you a larger lower page with the bag opening on the right hand side and a smaller half page on the top. Do exactly the same with the other gift bag. 

Draw around the paper bag page you have made on the chipboard sheet and then measure it exactly to get the correct size for the back page. Cut it out with a craft knife.

3.  (I have turned the paper bag around in this picture, so you can see that there is a hidden gusset down one of the long sides of the page we have made, that we can use to trap our cardboard hinge.)
Measure the size of the narrow rectangle in the hidden gusset of the bag (it was the base) and cut a strip of Bazzill cardstock the same length and twice the narrow width, (about 8"x3" approximately, but your gift bags may be different.) Score down the centre longways and fold on the crease line. This is your cardboard hinge, cut two of these.
Line all the edges of this hidden rectangle with double sided tape. (This is the black gift bag) Place the cardboard hinge on the tape and stick it down.
Put more tape on the top half of the hidden gusset and stick to the top half of the cardboard hinge,
so it is completely hidden and trapped securely.

Here it is from the side.
5. Do exactly the same with the other gift bag.
Here are the two gift bags with the two hinges.

6. Put tape around all the edges of the remaining hinge portion and then lower the chipboard back page down and stick securely.
Now you have a centre back page of chipboard, with a paper bag large page on one side and small page on the other.

7. To create extra pages, use two kraft envelopes with openings down the long side. Turn the self adhesive flap of the envelope right back on itself and add double sided tape ......
then stick it to the back page as a hinge. This will leave the open side of the envelope available to use as a pocket.
These flaps will get hidden when the chipboard is covered in patterned paper.
At this point, you can add double sided tape to the upper and lower edge gussets to make it neater.
Decorate The Album
Now for the fun part, covering all your pages in patterned paper.

  • Starting at the back page, cover the chipboard in patterned paper, measure it and cut to size on your paper trimmer, then glue in place. Add a pocket on the back page for journaling cards and tags etc 

  • Cut pieces of patterned paper to cover both sides of the envelopes.

  • Tuck a small amount of patterned paper inside the opening to each envelope to reveal the pocket inside.

  • Continue, covering each page with patterned paper.

  • Make a small pockets out of spare paper on some pages and add a journaling tags. Embellish.

  • Add two giant brads for a closure, by putting them through one layer of the gift bag and placing your hand inside the bag to flatten out the stems, this way they are hidden from view. Blend all the outer edges with 'blacksoot' distress ink, using an ink blending tool. Embellish the cover and add the title.

  • Apply 7 Gypsies gaffer tape along each side to add strength to the hinge.
To make the fabric journaling tags
Luggage labels (or cut your own from cardstock)
Cotton Calico fabric
Chipboard houses (Maya Road)
Chipboard Alphabet letters
Maya Mist or Glimmer mist

Sewing machine and neutral thread
Spray Starch
Instruction document downloadable here called "Fabric tags".

  1. Cut out some card tags and some fabric tags slightly larger. Place chipboard elements on top of fabric and spray with Maya Mist. Leave to dry. Remove chipboard.

  2. Turn fabric tag over and spray with Spray Starch, leave to 'soak in' a little, then iron with a hot iron to set the starch.
3. Place the starched fabric inside a Cuttlebug embossing folder and run through your embossing machine. Stitch the fabric to the cardboard tag and trim the edges. Run the tag through your typewriter to add journaling.
I hope you have enjoyed playing along with me. Please leave a comment below to be entered for my RAK.
The next crafty happening is over here at Christianes blog at 3pm! Be sure you hop along there and see what there is to make next, her layouts are awesome!! 
Caroline x

Friday, 19 March 2010

Cath Kidston Yumminess & Don't forget to play!

So it's here, today is blog hop day over at Rebekah's blog! Happy birthday Rebekah! There has been a slight alteration to the timings, meaning that all the Friday projects will go live at 7pm tonight, all the Saturday projects (including mine!) will go live tomorrow morning and all the Sunday projects will go live first thing Sunday! That way you can hop from one project to another, until you find one you would like to make and you can skip any of those you prefer to save for later. Don't forget, there will be free draws and RAK's for free stash as well as some prizes if you link what you have made back to the project post. Have fun!
(Tomorrow is Great Northern Papercrafts Exhibition in Harrogate, so I will be out for the day, but plan to play catch up tomorrow evening!)

I finally finished re-lining my sewing basket! I pulled out the old lining a few months ago and it has sat there waiting to be done for ages! When I originally lined it at a class about ten years ago I had used red fabric! So 'not me!' So, having ordered this Cath Kidston fabric before Christmas I finally got down to doing it!

The lid I added, is just made from two section of cardboard, cut from a grocery carton. I made a bag out of fabric and then slid the pieces of Corrugated card inside before stitching it closed, adding a row of stitching down the centre, between the two pieces to create a hinge.

The lid can be tied open, when you are using it and kept closed for storage to keep the dust out.
I used the gathering technique shown on this video clip I did here, to gather all that fabric for the lining easily. Because my basket had a wooden edge, I was able to staple the lining in  place, but if you line a basket that is woven you can just stitch it in place by hand. TFLx

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Blog hop getting closer!

Just had the timetable form Rebekah and there are so many yummy projects for this weekend! It has now turned into a full weekend Lol!! She has shown some fabulous sneaks on her blog here and here and here.
My class will go live on Saturday afternoon. If you would like to play along with me you will need ;
two gift bags (I used some I recycled)  and a couple of envelopes! (as well as other yummy things from your stash!)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Blog hop sneak peeks!

Here are a couple of sneaks of the mini I have made for Rebekah's blog hop on friday 19th March. Don't forget, you are all invited to the party at 7pm prompt! Check out the other sneaks here! Tflx
Fancy some misting???