Tuesday, 22 June 2010

More family tree stuff!!

Having read up about the first world war for hubby's grandad, I decided to send for the medal card for my grandad. He has appeared on family tree layouts before, we have two pictures of him. One in Malta and one without a name but again in the trenches somewhere. He died when my mum was a young girl, from injuries he received during the war having been poisoned with Mustard gas. Mum has his discharge papers and she knew he was in the Army Service Corps in Salonika. She also has two medals. His medal card shows that he enlisted on the 19th of Jan 1914, before the outbreak of war and mum seems to recall he was in the Royal Army Medical Core Territorial Army. However, he ends up being a Mule Driver in the Army Service Corps and went to war on the 5th of October 1914. His medal card shows that he also won the 1914 Star, which mum never knew, and we have never seen, so that shows that he saw active service in France during 1914.
This is the other photograph of him, showing him in Malta in 1917.  He was one year and 212 days in Salonika according to his discharge papers, so I have been researching the war in Salonika. The best sites I have found are here on the Long, Long, Trail; here on the Salonika Campaign Society; and here where someone is sharing their own family research. What it appears is, that these men were gassed on the western front, probably in Ypres, and then taken to Salonika, where they were still considered fit for service!! Many of them subsequently getting Malaria and finding themselves "No longer fit for service" paragraph 392 Kings Regulations (xvi) and eventually invalided out! Mum says her dad convalesced in a Hospital in Southport and that is where he met my grandma who was a chemist apprentice. They married, but he was never fit for work and his war pension was small and apparently constantly reviewed!! They had three children and when he died, not too long after, his war pension died with him! The Great War forum here, is another fantastic source! Must crack on with my research! TFLx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

So I used to have a dining room......

but now I have a charity shop!!!! Yep! Darling son one has just landed from uni after completing his first year already!! How time flies!! Surprisingly he is only minus a few things, but being the kind hearted chap that he is, he offered to store some stuff for a friend and give another mate a lift home, so I am amazed it all fitted in anyway!! I can't believe how fast that first year has gone! Bye bye halls! Hello flat share next year and all the fun that brings!! Anyway, tonight has consisted of sorting washing, hanging up clothes and generally squeezing all his stuff back into the house for the summer! Barney was pleased to find at least one tennis ball in his preparation for Wimbledon and now he is worn out! Bless him!
This week has also seen the last of DS two's major GCSE's, just one left next week in ICT and that's him finished! Back to sleeping in all morning and lounging around all afternoon. That rare sight! A teenager before lunch time!! Lol!
Still on with the clearing out of FIL's bungalow. I think I have gone through all family photo's now in my quest for family tree stuff. Just need to have time now to do more research, hopefully during the summer hols. Talking of hols, we are on countdown to summer now! Still lots to do at work and holiday packing to plan! I am sure it will be here before we know it!
The craft room is still a stranger to me, but I have managed this lay out relatively recently.
Used my new month stamps from Studio Calico, when I eventually found them!! You see, it is so long since I did any crafting, I can't remember where I keep things! Lol! Used the Maya Road chipboard pennants, which I misted with Orange Maya mist and threaded on a ribbon. Journaling on the Maya Road craft envelope. This photo of FIL was taken last August when hubby's younger sister was over from Germany and they were all together. Talking of which, she is coming over next week! So maybe we can get and update of this! Thanks for reading this and all the comments you leave. I promise I will eventually craft again! Lol! TFLx

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The boy is how old???????!!!

Can't believe DS2 is 16 today!! Happy Birthday!!! Only two more GCSE's to take and then he will be a free man for the summer! Had a weekend of birthday celebrations with various friends, but will feel better when French is out of the way tomorrow!
I have managed to watch a few world cup games, but alas the craft room is still a stranger to me!! Not even had time for any more family tree research!! Busy week ahead this week, with DS1 coming home from Uni. Not sure where we are going to put all of his stuff!! Have only just managed to clear the dining room for tea today as lots of FIL's stuff was stacked in there, then we will have Uni stuff too!
No sign of the very hot weather we had sixteen years ago today!! I do remember the midwife going in search of a fan for the delivery room, but I think it was for her not for me! Lol! I will not embarrass him by posting his baby pic today in case he looks at this, but it was on here (bottom right)! TFLx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Our 'soldier turned airman' update!

Remember this chap (hubby's grandad) who was a soldier turned airman?? Well I have found out more! He was not a pilot as I had previously thought, in fact he was an observer in the air force. I downloaded his flying records online (£).

He is on the back row second from the left, he has no wings on his jacket! The other two chaps on the right have their wings above their breast pocket. The other thing I have found out is he was wounded flying over Italy doing "army observations" and spent the rest of the war recovering, only being suitable for "ground duties" when he returned to the school of aviation as an assistant instructor. The idea he flew out of France, was not true, he fought in France as a soldier with the Northumberland Fussiliers from 1915, but his flying records start from 12th November 1917 when he joined the flying school at Reading. Then, in February 1918  he goes to Italy, where he was wounded in July 1918. Just love this photo of him and his friends outside their tent! The chap on the right looks like he has slippers son!! Lol! Still spending lots of time on these photo's, scanning them and piecing together the past. TFLx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More heritage photo's and what can't you do on the net?????

There are several houses that keep cropping up on the photo's I am finding at FIL's. The one above, with it's unusual wooden balcony, crops up again and again on photo's here

and then again here
My 'Sherlock Holmes' investigation skills, have led me to finding out this house is in Harrogate, through deduction and family stories and it occurred to me that it might well be still there, so with the aid of Google maps, I have found it and walked up and down the street "Virtually" putting myself right outside, to recognise it. You can even save and print a photo of how that house is today! I also managed to track down a photo of the church in the background (now demolished) 
The second house is this one... 
I know this to be the house of "Miss Blackwell" of Cross & Blackwell fame. It occurs frequently in family pictures here..... 
and also here.....

with MIL as a child.
This I have not been as successful with, although I have found reference to it on several street directories of the town between 1929 and 1940. I just can't pin-point it on the street.
The third house is this one, where I believe MIL was born.
There is a picture of MIL in the backyard in a tin bath!

Again I found this on the Internet using Google maps and saved a photo of how it is now, but I also found this old postcard of the street too!

Finally, there is this one

A family farm where MIL spent holidays. I have even looked for this on Google maps! If you have not yet tried "Street view" you will be amazed!! It adds a whole new dimension to family history. I spent so long comparing chimney pots last night, that it was midnight before I went to bed! I had walked "virtually" up and down so many streets, so many times, but was successful on nearly all my hunts!! I feel another mini coming on!!!
P.S. The dogs are useful to define where pictures are taken too! TFLx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Beware the wrongly labelled photo!!

Who can believe we are back to school already! I am back to planning mode today for this week's lessons.
Another busy weekend spent house clearing and the time just flies! More old photo's, this time of houses. I found some during the house clearing and was not aware what they were as they are hubby's family. He recognised this one as the house where his grandma's brother had lived.

But I then noticed this photo was the same house but from the other direction.

We had FIL over for tea on Thursday as usual and we went through some of these old photo's. There was one copy of this photo unnamed, but then I cam across another copy of it with the title great grandma on the back. Hubby's sister had written on it and had been through these photo's years and years ago with someone. Anyway, I showed it to FIL and said "this is your grandma is it?" Straight away he said "No!" We have since worked out that it could be his great grandma in that same family home. So beware, even when photo's are labelled they may not be correct!! I have found a similar situation with a baby photo of MIL's brother which is wrongly labelled as her!!
Anyway, back to houses. I have also come across several other photo's of houses that are not labelled. Some grand and beautiful and some more ordinary. I just wish I new where they were. I know there are some significant houses in the family stories, so I need to do more research. Google maps is proving very useful!! You can walk down streets and look at houses and see if they look like the old photo, without leaving your home!! I have found some possible candidates, but will ave those for another post!! Better get on with my school work!! Lol! TFLx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Attention!!! Craft alert!!!!

I did some scrapping!! I know you are shocked but I had an afternoon on my own yesterday so I made myself get in the craft room and sat there until I did something!! Lol! I decided to start with the Sunday sketch from Studio Calico and here is the result. Now it wasn't that hard was it??? It was just getting past that first block! Then when I had done this I had some more photo's left over so I carried on the grid theme to make another page! Two in one day!! Wow!
On this one I used my new SC butterfly stamp to stamp some delicate butterflies on pale blue vellum using brilliance ink in ice blue.
I hand cut them and flexed their wings for dimension. I think I need a lie down now! Lol! TFLx

Thursday, 3 June 2010

You know I said I was gonna scrap yesterday?.......

well I didn't!!! But i did get involved in more heritage stuff, and got sucked in! It started with this photo
This is my sons great grandfather on my husbands side, (MIL's dad.) He was in the first world war and I know he was in the Flying Corps before it became the RAF, but that's all I know. I decided to log on to the web to find out more and managed to find his medal records in the archives that you could download for £2.
This told me that he had started his service in France in 1915 but it also told me that he started out in the Northumberland Fusiliers as a soldier in the army. I started to research about them and found their museum is at Alnwick Castle. I found a photo of their uniform and cap here

So then I found this photo and the uniform matched.

So then I set off wondering how you could switch from one service to another and that led me off on a voyage of discovery! I found that he learned to fly at Reading and that they were very sparsely trained! There was a great loss of life of the early pilots. It appears he may have flown out of St Omer in France near Calais as his squadron was stationed there.
I have been knee deep in ancestry since then and am sat here at the computer reading up about World War One. I have also printed off his brother's medal card and found he had a DSO and MC and was acting Captain in the Duke of Wellington Regiment later to become the fifth battalion West Riding Regiment. I have printed off records of his service from the London Gazette where he had several stints as acting captain. Not yet worked out where or how he was awarded his DSO or MC yet. He also served in France and his regiment was involved int he famous battle of the Somme and Ypres.

Remarkably both the brothers survived the Great War. TFLx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A plan of campaign

We had a break from house clearing to go holiday shopping at the weekend. We are going to Florida with friends and decided to have a joint shopping expedition!

1. Arrive early at your shopping mall, to avoid queues, to please hubby and be able to park easily.
2. Locate map of Mall and begin to plot your plan of campaign, whilst others in your party arrive.

3. Head for M&S to start the day with large Cappuccino or hot chocolate, so you are fortified for mega trying on of summer clothes!

That was the kids and us on Sunday! Fab time was had by all and 'mucho dosho' spent on essential swimwear and shorts for holiday! Even managed to fit in lunch and a cup of tea before making it back to the cars!
And that's how to do it!!! Lol! Meadowhall not Meadow'hell' TFLx