Monday, 19 July 2010

Holidays?? Young children to amuse?????

I have just been setting a little 'crafting' holiday project for my school pupils, based on the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and I thought I might share it here too. If you have young ones to amuse over the holiday, why not give it a go! The story is about a boy who wakes up one morning flat, but as a result of this he can fold up and goes on lots of adventures. You can find a Flat Stanley template on the net, colour him and laminate him and then fold him up for your child and take him on day trips or holidays. You can thread him on a ribbon to wear around your neck even! He needs a passport, so I made one from here then all he has to do is travel! Your child can write about trips or days out or family holidays  on a postcard or even build up a whole mini album of cards! That's what mine will do and we will share when we return to school in September! If they are not going away, there are fun activities at home that can be written about, like baking cookies or a visit to the library or a museum locally or a picnic in the park or a bus trip to the seaside! Collect all sorts of memorabilia like leaflets and maps and store them in a brown envelope. There are so many possibilities! Looking forward to my wall display in the classroom in September! Just thought I would share!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010


You know of my love of Studio Calico, where I get my monthly kits??? Well their CHA releases are to die for!!

Wood veneer shapes!
What can I say!!! I can't wit for these to hit the shop!! get over there and check them out here! If only I was crafting!!!!!
Also in love with these Basic Grey basic papers!

I got them in Kraft last month and white this month!
And as for their "Documentary" paper line! Just another must have!!
Ok, advert over, just one very satisfied customer!!! (No connection by the way!) TFLx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The last voices of World War one

Having got into my family tree research so much, I have realised how little I knew about World War One. I managed to catch a few programme on History channel that were timed to co-incide with the anniversary of the start of world war one and they were fascinating. Most families had some link with the war and indeed lost someone and it seems strange to think that there is no-one left for that link with history. There are some great programmes you can watch online on You Tube too. There have been so  many significant advances since that time, things we just take for granted, my grandad was a mule driver as this was the main source of transport for all the guns and ammunition. The Army Service Corps and the Royal Medical Corps did a fantastic job, under fire, often in the front line, without any form of defence. I have a connection with this, because it is my grandad. My children may be more connected with World War two, as it was their grandad's that fought in that. If you get chance to research any of your ancestors, don't put it off any longer! Start now!! TFLx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

More Family tree: FIL

FIL has made a bit of a recovery, and is stable for now, so I have been able to do a little more research on the family tree! He has been very interested and has enjoyed looking at the photographs I have discovered. Turns out FIL's dad was a Bradford lad born and bred too! That's another family myth dispelled! Always thought he was a geordie! Sent for his birth certificate and it says Maningham!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

These are difficult times

Last Saturday we posed for this photo, by this Saturday the circumstances were very different and we have spent today sat by FIL's bedside. TFLx