Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Golden Years!

Happy wedding anniversary to mum and dad married 55years yesterday! TFLx

Monday, 27 December 2010

So how was it for you???

As you can see, Barney's pre-Christmas training paid off, for the big day!! Although very tiring and he decided to take it easy and relax later on!
Fortunately, my dad did not mind!
So, we all had a wonderful lunch and I was very tired!

Afterwards, we played Rapidough - hilarious! and generally chilled out, before I put together a buffet to nibble on whilst we watched 'Murder on the Orient Express' with David Suchet. All in all a lovely day! Have some nice photo's for the December Daily, when I get time to catch up on it! Hope you all had a lovely day. TFLx

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas & peace on your shed!

or is it peace upon you shed! (Thanks to the Graphics Fairy for this image!)
It only remains for me to wish you all a Joyful Christmas! Thanks for following me this year, throughout my crafty life and I wish you and yours all the best. I will be back straight after Christmas with updates on the December Daily and look forward to many more exciting craft projects in the new year. TFLx

Friday, 24 December 2010

Table place settings

Here are my place name tags for this year. I used some of the items I purchased in Germany and in France. The wooden toadstools are cut from a length of tree garland. The felt discs are by Artemio. Very simple to put together, but quite effective when they are pegged to the wine glasses with my Christmas pegs.
Busy with the last minute food preparations today. We have friends coming over tonight so I have a few buffet items to make too! The carols are playing, the house is full of the smell of the stock cooking and it is snowing again outside! OH and DS2 are at work so Barney and I are busy! Well, he is busy sleeping! As usual! Better get on and peel my 50 sprouts (approximately!) TFLx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Twenty's Plenty!

DS1 was twenty today! He is worried about getting old??!!! How does that make me feel??? We had a nice lunch out with grandparents at Pizza Express, which was great! Considering how ill my dad has been this year, this was especially nice that we could be together today.
At this point I would just like to add that Barney has been in training for Christmas day and has just about perfected his technique!
I have the table all set for the big day, just cooking prep to do tomorrow! TFLx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The final stages!

Here are the last four days of the December Daily I have written up, in reverse order for some reason known only to blogger! I have done day twenty and twenty one as well, but forgot to photograph them today!
Hubby had a day off today and we did some last minute shopping and had our lunch out. Other than that, we have just been chillin' sat round watching TV, drinking mulled wine and eating Satsuma's! Today's page might just be about them!!!
Today we have had yet more snow, but thankfully the temperature has managed to make it up to 0 degrees for once! Thank goodness after yesterday's plumbing shenanigans! (Is that the correct spelling?) We have actually purchased a bbq today! But not for us! For a leaving present! No wonder we got funny looks struggling out of the shop with it!
Feeling surprisingly calm at this stage although I am sure I will break out in a panic shortly! I heard a crash at 3.30 this morning and was convinced we had a burst pipe, but woke up to find one of my strings of cards on the floor instead thank goodness!
Have downloaded instructions for cooking my turkey crown (a first for me!) I am normally struggling with my 14lb turkey that was only supposed to be an 11lb, but the butcher always adds a few extra pounds for good measure! Ticking things off one list, but making a 'to do' list with the other hand!! Trifle - check, mince pies - check, brandy butter - check etc etc. Big day tomorrow - TFLx

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse!

Now here is a photo for the December Daily! I woke up to the local radio station announcing what a fabulous view we were getting locally, of the total Lunar eclipse. Here is my best shot!
Here is what the "Hull Daily Mail" the local paper had to say; "People across East Yorkshire have woken up to the sight of a total lunar eclipse.

The phenomenon occurs when the sun, Earth and moon are almost exactly in line, with the moon and sun on opposite sides of our home planet.
The total lunar eclipse was visible in the region from 7.40am, reaching its maximum at 8.17am. It ended at 8.53am."
Here is their picture:

I also woke up to nothing coming out of the hot tap! and a leaking toilet!! And we wont talk about the leaking bath that I caused by trying to unblock the plughole!! Needless to say, we are awaiting the plumber! (Along with everybody else!!) DS2 has his last day at school today and then this afternoon, I am awaiting the "Big Shop" delivery! Always a page in itself for the December Daily! (Including a list of the cost of items too!) Busy, busy day!! TFLx

Monday, 20 December 2010

Presentation Evening

We have just got back from Speech Night, where DS2 has been presented with his GCSE certificates and also was officially awarded the award for Inspiration and creativity for dance.
He knew he had won this back in April, but it was nice that it was re-presented at tonight's official ceremony.
We just got back and it was reading minus 10 on the car temperature gauge! Need to get that into the December daily! Wow!

Been a tough day for Barney today, lots of sleeping and he opened his "dog teasers" for Christmas! Just realised he has not done his cards this year!! Agh! (Notice how he manages to miss sleeping on the "dog cloth" I put on each bed! Lol! Well he has two paws on the cloth! TFlx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowflakes falling.....

Another snowy, icy day! Not sure we are going to get rid of this for a while! Barney was not impressed!

Thank goodness for my new snow boots! Like winter tyres for me! TFLx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Home for Christmas!

It is the first time DS1 has been home since August. It was nice to get him home yesterday.
Although along with DS1, comes all the washing!!!
And there is plenty here too!! To be fair, a lot of it was washed but never ironed, so I could not bring myself to hang it up without ironing it first!! It's a matter of pride and I know that is my problem and not his, but I just can't bare to see him in crumpled clothes, even if he doesn't care!! It's a mother thing!!!
DS1 and OH got togged up and went to the match yesterday, it was DS's treat to his dad for his birthday last week.
I stayed at home and washed, and ironed and baked mince pies, whilst DS2 was at work and Barney slept, and slept!! Lol! TFlx

Friday, 17 December 2010

A cold and frosty morning!

Even the garage door and back door were iced shut today so that must have been a cold night last night! Out and about today, running errands for my parents then meeting hubby at Sainsbury's for a cuppa in his lunch break, then back here to taxi from school after lunch for my friend's son who broke his leg weeks ago, but with screws in his ankle, does not want to risk walking on footpaths in this weather! Specially when he has his first driving lesson this afternoon! Then back home to catch up with ironing and washing the floors! Will pop back later and tell you how I have got on! Need to be up to date with all washing and ironing if DS1 is coming home from uni tomorrow! I will have mountains to do then! Lol!
Must not forget Barney's walk either!
Errands for parents
Barney's walk
Meeting hubby for cuppa
Taxi for Rob
Wash floors
Darling son 1 home from Uni
Load one of washing!
As you can see I got more done on my "to do" list than I thought!!! TFLx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

'No photo' crisis!

Today has been a slow news day! It was my last day at work before Christmas, but other than that a slow news day!! Thinking what to write about in the December Daily? My December daily is more a diary of what I do every day in December rather than a chronicle of everything Christmas related. Last year, the first year, I was able to chronicle all the traditions, this year has been more about the snow than anything, but that will be great to look back on. I decided to write about my last day of school for this term and then a random shot of my son's teenage bedroom! I am sure that 'tip' will be fun to look back on! Lol! I dare not post it here it is too embarrassing!
I have been tidying up the craft room for Christmas as someone may have to sleep in there (other than Barney!) So I have cleared the bed and made it up ready for any last minute visitors. I have a page planned on Christmas drinks, to include my hot chocolate pics and hubby's whisky miniatures as well as the dreaded Christmas big shop getting delivered on Tuesday! I have tried to minimise my pages slightly as I was worried the Daily was getting too thick!
I may even write about my weigh in on the Wii fit this morning. I have managed to lose half a stone since half term so that's good, well, heading in the right direction anyway!! Will have to not undo all the good work over Christmas!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Perfect Paper and other random observations...

I made an album cover for a little transparent album from Paperchase to house hubby's photo's from Sweden that he is sending to his host as a thank you gift. I could not think what was Swedish but then I came across this Studio Calico paper that has the European countries on it and it was just perfect!
Today I have been limping around work with my dodgy knee and had to make an unscheduled return home at lunch, as I had left my salad in the fridge this morning!! Not sure why I chose salad on a cold day but it enabled me to sneak a hot chocolate drink with my lunch to warm me up!

In the absence of anything outstanding happening today for the December Daily, I took a photo or two! This is a Choccochino from my Dolce Gusto Machine! A chocolate fix for the dieter that is not too sinful!! (Well, calorie offset by a salad!!)
More post arrived today which meant I could spend tonight doing some much needed wrapping! Some of these parcels have been missing for weeks with this weather!

Talking of the weather, as usual, we are apparently due more snow in the next twenty four hours! Great! Our street is still not clear and they are talking about more???? What a winter! Good job my woolly hats have arrived from Asos today! I may look daft, but I have warm ears!! Sorry, no pictures available!!! Lol! Yet!
I caught up Monday's December Daily entry, when I did the Christmas cake, so I am almost on target. This next week is usually when it goes pear shaped!
Went with a no-icing look this year as we are not keen, and just toasted the marzipan instead! This is how my mum used to do cakes years ago for dad's birthday! A trip down memory lane!
One day left at work for me tomorrow and then I am off (as I only work part time!) Need to check up on my to do list!! TFLx

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More Tim's Tags!

I had another catch up and I just have one of Tim's tags left to do! here are the others I have made, or my version of Tim's without all the fancy stuff he has, but similar!

Just one left to make, maybe I will get around to it tonight! I also have yesterday's entry to do for the December Daily. I have been to my parents house today, to help put up their tree and despite taking my camera with me, I managed to forget to use it!! I may just have to journal today and photograph their tree another time!
I have a very sore knee today from  my snow clearing exploits yesterday. I am not sure what I have done, but putting any weight on that leg is proving difficult! I think it is just bruised as I don't remember doing anything specific, but my goodness it does hurt!! TFlx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Festival of Christmas...

The local town festival of Christmas took place today, with the real reindeer pulling Santa in his sleigh through the town. Lots of food stalls including DS2 (on the right) on his stall! He works at the local handmade organic chocolate shop.
The pipe band playing;

The Sealed Knot re-enactment society storming the "bar";
and the steam organ playing!
Lot's of photo opportunities and lots of eating and drinking too! The tricky bit was walking there, as the footpaths are still not good! An ice rink in fact!!
Got quite a few pages to catch up and Tim's tags to do!
More parcels arrived today, my snow boots included! Post office working overtime to try and catch up! TFLx