Tuesday, 11 January 2011

11.1.11 - Just wanted to remember....

MIL, who died eight years ago today  - unbelievably. She was never happier than when she became a grandmother - (that's my 20 year old son in the pram, her first grandchild.)
My shadow in the picture!! Duh!!! This was a photo I found for the baby album I blogged the other day. She never could get on with the swivel wheels on the front of the pram! She went up every grass verge when trying to push in a straight line!! Lol! A treasured "Nannie" and a lot of fun.  TFLx
Been playing with Photoshop elements, learning how to load free actions and storyboards and finally made this!
Also altered this photo
By adding one of Pioneer Woman's Free Photoactions - Warmer, so it turned out like this
I am still such a novice!! There is so much to learn! DS 2 photographed on Christmas day 1990 age 24 hours old! TFLx
P.S. Also been reading her "What the heck is an Aperture" series too - brill on right hand side bar of above page link.
Just done this one too with Soft Faded! Love it!

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Sandra said...

I like the fact your shadow is in the photo, it's a real family photo with that :) It's frightening how time goes so quickly.