Monday, 3 January 2011

And just like that..........

Christmas is over for another year and everything has been put away. I know it is early officially, but we decided to get on with it before we go back to work this week.
I love putting all the decorations up, but once the festivities are over, I am keen to get them tidied away and I love the clean simple uncluttered lines of the house once again and I appreciate the space and calmness after all that business!
I have enjoyed my candle jars I made, so much, I have revamped them with a neutral theme using three church candles and a bag of vanilla pot pourri, along with some vanilla scented tea lights I was bought for Christmas.
I grabbed some time in the craft room today, to complete my December Daily. I hope to photograph it tomorrow in the daylight. I have also been working on completing an unfinished symphony, that I found lurking at the back of the cupboard! Don't you just  hate that? When you come across a half finished project and you can't remember where you had got to! It was a Scrap the year project that I started for 2009 when my Scrap your day project finished in March 2009. I decided to scrap each month in pictures to complete the year. December last year got left as I was too busy with the December Daily! Anyway, with a print of a few backdated pictures the last page should be done in no time, so I hope to conclude that tonight.

I have also been photographing my finished Paris album, although there are a few spaces for some photographs I hope to get from  my sister. I have linked up to the Graphics Fairy here, where I obtained the vintage images, when I made the album here. TFLx


Sandra said...

Wow, it's stunning.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, we'll keep the candles & some of the heart ornaments from our Christmas decoration theme, but my mother would kill me if i pulled down the tree before the 6th of January. I can appreciate that it's over, move on, but i really love Christmas tree lights!! Love Posie

sue-bubbles said...

Your Paris album is looking gorgeous CC, inspiring as always!
A very happy new year to you and your family!
Sue xxx