Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Earth Moved!!

Last night, when I was sitting at the craft desk and my son was at his desk in the room next door, suddenly the table started to vibrate and the lamp rattled against the wall. An Earthquake! Epicentre - Ripon, North Yorkshire. Not earth shattering but definitely worth commenting on! I listened to all the spiel on the radio this morning by some professor in Leeds and apparently it registered 3.6. Quite an achievement since we are in East Yorkshire. I remember the last one that woke me in the night! Thanks goodness they are only little ones!
The one thing I said I would do today, and totally forgot, was to take photographs of the completed December Daily in daylight!  So here are the badly taken photo's in artificial light to prove that I did complete it! (That's one of my New Years Resolutions broken already! - improve photography skills!)

If and when I get time I hope to do two  little videos of it like I did last year.
Today has been school work and a trip to the vet for poor Barney
He has been hiding under my computer desk ever since, with his blue bandage on for sympathy after the Vet took blood samples. He has Addison's disease, so we have to have bloods checked regularly. Then general taxi duty for DS2 - re dancing. Tomorrow is a training day, so will see how I get on with that! Off to get a Lemsip! I think I have caught hubby's cough :( TFLx


Sandy Ang said...

What an amazing project. Must be a labour of love your completed album. Hope you're feeling all better. Happy New Year !

Sandra said...

Such a beautiful, beautiful album - you must be so proud of it.