Monday, 10 January 2011

First layout of the 50th Year album

I decided to start my first layout for the 50th Year album, which is just going to unfold, week by week, depending on what I feel like scrapping. This first layout was a picture of me in the raw as I was sat at the craft desk. I wanted a profile shot and as I am getting into my Photoshop Elements programme a bit more, I wanted to fancy it up. The small coloured one has a cracquelure finish and the large image is a photocopy finish. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements and I have been making myself use it a bit more. Al;i Edwards prompted me to have a go when she posted this photo in her December Daily:

"I decided to use the stamp filter in Photoshop (go to Filter/Sketch/Stamp). With one click it takes your photo from whatever came out of your camera to something like this (I had grey as my foreground color and white as my background color)."

This led me to experiment with some of the other ones listed and I liked the photocopy look. I got this programme for my birthday and to be honest, was scared it was too complicated for me, but I have persevered with it and have recently managed to batch edit photo's to include my logo, hence the recent posts on my blog containing more, smaller sized pictures! Having got a new camera from the boys for Christmas, that seems to take massive sized photo's I am gradually getting the hang of it!! Yesterday I took delivery of a new book from Amazon called Collins Complete Photography Course, so hopefully, between that and the online video tutorials for Photoshop Elements, I will improve.
Anyway, back to the layout! I wanted a first page for the album, that would explain what it was about. I did not want to do masses of journaling, but I have outlined a few of my fears for the year and listed my word for the year which is "ENJOY!" I used my SC month stamps in a background colour to emphasise this is a year long project. The papers I am using are from an kit from Studio Calico that is called, oddly enough, 'Back 40!' and some of the add ons, I am seeing the back of my forties, so that seems appropriate!! Lol! I like it contains some Jenni Bowlin 'Family Tree' papers which felt appropriate too.


Caroline and Jayne said...

havent been on this blog for a while.
Lovely L/o & happy new year x

sue-bubbles said...

What a fabby idea for an album CC! Your first page is just wonderful and I will look forward to seeing your album develop!
Hugs, Sue x