Friday, 28 January 2011


I've said it before (yesterday in fact!) and I'll say it again, I wish I had known about scrapping when my children were young! As a stay at home mum, I spent a lot of time with the two boys when they were growing up, but it is not recorded on paper like it would be now and sad to say I have forgotten a lot of it too!
The attitude to pregnancy then, was different too. I spent a lot of time trying to hide myself in various voluminous tents, whereas now it's all on display and obvious! I managed not to get myself on film hardly at all during pregnancy I think there are 3 or maybe 4 photo's. I hated how big I got as others 'bloomed' much more delicately! I ended up wearing all sorts of mis-matched castoffs as clothing too! There was nowhere to buy maternity clothes, now they're everywhere! At the end  of the nine months, I had a pair of dungarees I bought from the new Dorothy Perkins maternity collection, with two different t-shirts and I wore them alternate days.
Here is a rare find, one of those photo's, that I have scrapped! It was in my FIL effects when we cleared his house and I love that MIL's handwriting was on the back so I scanned it and used it for journaling.

This must have been days before giving birth and I was at MIL's house with swollen ankles! DS2 was born on June 13th! Thinking back, DS1 is only 20, but in those days there were not even supermarket trolley's that would take a new baby or indeed a car seat you could take out of the car and in the shop with you. We had to shop as a team, one with the pram and one with a trolley! No online shopping either! When I tell the children this, they just laugh! Then my mum chimes in with how when were little, we just laid on the back seat of a car in a carry cot without any straps!! Or how you could never take the bus as no pram folded up! So I went down memory lane to find a picture of my personal pram when I was a baby! The Osnath
Here is a picture of one I 'Googled!' It may yet appear on a layout of my 50th year! With me in it! LOL! TFLx


jeanie g said...

OOOhh this takes me back!!! My first and only son was rocked to sleep in a pram similar to this in 1967!! Being only 5'2 at the time I could barely see over the hood unless I wore my 3" Love the LO and I'm loving the nostalgia of your ML triptoo. Thank you so much for putting them up. xx

Anne said...

How precious to have that photo and even better that it has the writing on the back. I'm in awe of mothers - I can't imagine how hard it is! What a beautiful layout too - very eclectic!

CoventryAnn said...

What a great find that photo is, I also have almost no photos of me when expecting, in fact only one I can think of (and I haven't scrapped it yet), so I really ought to dig it out and get it onto a LO.