Saturday, 15 January 2011


How many times do we try to reorganise our craft spaces to make them more user friendly?? Since having to find room for a single bed again in the craft room, I have found my space a little cramped, so I have been refining my storage and purging my stash!! To be honest, I was a little embarrassed with how many untouched SC kits I had from last year, due to many events that took over my time. But New Year means New Start, so I thought I would refine my paper storage and start from there. The first thing I did was disband any remnants of older kits into supplies various. This freed up a few extra crop bags. Then I purged my papers, ruthlessly! (Now for sale on UKs) I kept a crop bag for a few of my favourite makes, like SC, Cosmo, October Afternoon, Graphic 45, 7 Gypsies etc then a crop bag with a  mixture of papers that I just liked. All my Christmas items went into a RUB box and I purged a lot of the older ones of these too.
I moved all my scraps of paper, which I colour coded last year, into a file folder to the left of my desk for easy access and I am already finding this working for me!

I switched my desk layout too. I used to have my bookcase to the left of my desk and slightly forward, within easy reach. Now it is right next to me and slightly backwards, so access is no longer that easy! I decided to make sure, all items I used the most frequently should be on the desk! I moved my drawers filled with inks and stamps to directly in front of me. There was a time when I did not stamp, but now I do and I edge with ink and I distress with ink so that has to be accessible. The new Jenni Bowlin inks have also made my stamping improve 100% which helps!

My SC stamps are now so numerous that I have my file folder, plus a perfume box just for alphabets and numbers and another for larger sets of scrolls etc. The SC file is on the desk but the boxes are on the bookshelf.
I need my punches more accessible too. I made a box of my "go to" punches to keep handy and the rest are on the book shelf (Like the nesting circle, squares and scallops.)

Using some wooden trays collected from whisky miniature sets (hubby's not mine!) I have made some trays of "current embellishments" One has the embellishments that came with the kit I am using at the moment (back 40) one has an alpha set I like tipped out into it for easy searching, and one has some travel elements in it, I was using recently for my Florida album. I then made a smaller wooden tray for my adhesives, DST, 'this to that tape', Tim Holtz mini stapler and 3D foam pads. The rest of my adhesives have been relegated to the book shelf. (Apart from a syringe of silicone glue that sits upright in one of my pen pots!)
 The only other thing I have out is my Big Bite. I had put it on the bookshelf, but spent all my time turning round to reach it, so it is back on the desk! So far, so good. It is working for me! Still a little cramped but working better. Long may it continue! As you can see, Barney has taken over the craft room single bed as his own!! He was supposed to be on his rug of course! Lol! He has had a difficult week with another blood test at the vet yesterday, we await the results next week. Apparently his white blood cell count is very low :(
A few random craft room pics here to conclude my organisation feature! TFLx

 Clear stamp file and pen pots with my new fave too a brayer for pressing things down!
 Three tier wire basket for Ribbon reels, string and various paper tapes.
 Wine box full of Paint dabbers,  Maya Mists and my new Favourite SC Mister Hueys!
Wine box with my alphabet and sticker storage.


Inaie said... looks so tidy!

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

It looks so organised!! Well done you!!! x Leigh x