Wednesday, 5 January 2011

An unfinished symphony? - not any more!

This is the completed album I mentioned in an earlier post, that I found languishing in the back of a cupboard in a resealable bag, all in pieces! I finally completed it! Well I had to cover the back cover, title the front add two extra pages and print off some pictures from last December, then put the whole thing back together using my BIA! Oh, and complete all the journaling! What I have not done, is embellish each page, but it would pass as finished and it now makes sense! I was looking through it with hubby last night and we were going "do you remember?" and "I had forgotten we did that then!" Even though it is only a year ago the photo's document clearly things that have changed in such a short time, like DS1 & 2 growing up and the loss of FIL. Even Barney is showing signs of ageing! It was great to look back on and it is so true that although pictures can tell the story and I was able to journal each month clearly, just be looking at the pictures, that was all inside my head, and to others who may have just picked it up as a photo album, it would have meant nothing in years to come. What is that saying? Anyway, It now is in the "done" pile and no longer an unfinished symphony! (It even prompted me to get out the "Scrap Your Day" album that preceded it in 2008! Another trip down memory lane!) Here is a glimpse of the inside.

The album was a Making Memories calendar. A photo collage on each page with Jenni Bowlin backing papers, calendar cards and journaling cards. The edges have all been distressed with Tim Holtz distress ink in Old Paper using an ink blending tool, to cover up any white. TFLx


SusieJ said...

WTG Caroline!
I still have an intro page and round up page to do for mine from 2009- one day I'll get it done!lol
Sue xx

Sandra said...

I've never really completed a year album, it's something I've often thought about, I can imagine it's so lovely too look back on. Your's really is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Well done on finishing it Caroline.
I've a shelf full of unfinished projects, waiting for my old-age when I'm too old to do anything else.....Mgt.