Sunday, 9 January 2011

Yay! I'm on a roll!!!

There are some upsides to feeling miserable with a cold, you get more crafting done! Unfinished symphony number three coming up here!! I originally made this album, back in May 2009, for my ideas, but I had never used it. So, when I found a large, multi-photo frame of DS1's first year, languishing unloved in the loft, I decided that this would be the perfect baby boy album to put these precious photo's into. I stuck them in on Thursday night, but have added some extra ones and some journaling over the weekend. I know it is of no interest to him, but looking back on my son's first year has been very nostalgic for me! I love how it turned out, with a few simple updates.

No cleaning or ironing done, but I did cook a nice meal last night and tonight! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Snap with the cleaning and ironing! I've done 8 lo's since Christmas and also cooked some nice
I love that album Caroline. It may be of no interest to DS1 now but I bet it will be in the future 9
(if not to him to his partner/children). I really like the vintage elements you've used.
Hope you're soon feeling better.
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

Your album is beautiful CC, and how lovely to recreate such a lovely album with these treasured photos! Welldone for being on a roll with your unfinished symphony goodness, thats a project I could certainly do with following!
Keep it up & have fun! Sue x
ps: hope you feel better real soon!

Sandra said...

There will come a time when he'll be so pleased at the love you put into this beautiful album.