Tuesday, 18 January 2011

You just can't keep.....

....every envelope, paper bag, chocolate box, perfume box, clothing label, file folder, paper carrier bag, old book, old diary cover, etc, etc, etc! I have tried, believe you me!!! My 12 x 12 bag of tags does not bear testimony to how many clothes I own (I hope) but just how family and friends now know not to throw anything away without asking me first!! Lol! 
As you can see from my recent posts, I just love making use of 'repurposed items' in my mini albums, but I am collecting faster than I am using! So if you, like me, would like to make a mini album like my December Daily, from some of these things, please leave a comment below saying whether you like making mini albums or large layouts best and I will send a 're purposed mini album kit' to one person, with some vintage playing cards and book pages too. Maybe this way I can make a little more room in my craft space! This way I can celebrate my +955 post on this blog and my +60,500 viewings in one fell swoop! Also I missed my 3rd blogaversary on December 13th! So if you would like to be considered for my giveaway, feel free to post a comment below.
Me thinks maybe there are not many people who like to make album's like this? Who could collect their own rubbish recycled envelopes, paper bags etc without adding mine! But then again, maybe I am not alone! (Please tell me I am not alone!!) I will draw a name next Monday. TFLx


Beverly said...

Oh great! Another collecter just like me! But I need to start using up these things so I will follow your excellent example - mini albums here I come. :)

Crafting to stay sane! said...

Hi Caroline,
As you probabbly know I am adicted to making mini albums so can never have too many tags etc! Mind you, you seen to have collected far more that I could lol!So I'd love the chance to share some of yours!
hugs Alyson x

Wrightboysmum said...

You're not alone I hoard all that stuff. In NY my friends were trained to give me everything and also to collect stuff as well it was great.I'm mostly doing LOs at the moment and I love using little bits of my hoard on them. Thanks for the chance to win.

SusieJ said...

I know this feeling so well Caroline! But unlike you my collection of tags says everything about my addiction to clothes!lol
Promise to self...must start to use them!
Sue xx

rach said...

I'm another minibook maker. Take far too many photos to just include 1 or 2 on a page so like making minibooks to tell the whole story!

Heather said...

I havent done a 12 x 12 for months because I discovered the joy of mini albums & banners!! I save tags/ribbons/buttons etc & love it when I actually get to re-purpose something xx

Nikki D said...

I have been 'stalking' your blog for quite some time now. It is amazing. I never thought about hoarding clothes tags but today got 3 items in the mail. SO now I have a collection of 3 from Joe Browns.

Now just a few more to go. Think I will make a mini book with them!

Anonymous said...

I have had to find my small punches another home so my 'saved' bits & bobs can go into a box with a lid out of the way of DH eagle eyes.....He says my craft room is fast becoming a fire hazard.
I've made only 1 LO in the past 6 months as mini albums are fast becoming my latest addiction - so easy to make & quick to fill with the many photos I take - I even make mini-mini albums for my mini albums.
So can I be put into the draw please - the more embellishments I have for them , the better....Mgt.