Saturday, 26 February 2011

And the finished product looks something like this.....

Got about fourteen of these made up, just need writing now!
We went away earlier this week for a mini break, revisiting our roots in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Hubby and I both did our degrees here, so we like to get back to old haunts occasionally. I found a hotel wonder deal on the net back in January and booked a two night break. We stayed down on the Quayside and it was fab! Here is the view from our bedroom window.
Did some serious shopping and bought the fabric for my party dress on the market, like I used to in the old days!!

Here it is with the pattern I bought off eBay. (The pattern cost as much as the fabric!!) I got some sweet rose shaped buttons too.
Primark came up trumps with the bracelet and retro sunglasses to match!

My vintage hat I won on eBay does not look bad with it either!! I am been ever the optimist with the sunglasses, but you have to think positive! I had wanted a more green based fabric for the dress, but this was the most retro looking on the stall and stripes are slimming!! Talking of which, I put two pounds on this weekend, despite all the walking!! And the Quayside up to the town centre is about a one in three hill!!! There's just no justice in this world!! Wondering if I may get this dress cut out today?? TFLx


SusieJ said...

The invitations are looking good Caroline and I can't wait to see your dress! Isn't ebay wonderful?
Loving the photo of the quayside..brings back memories for me too.
Hugs xx

Heather said...

my my!! you will look the bees knees wont you :)
I cant wait to see you dressed up & want to see lots of pics of the party obviously ;-)
If I knew where you lived I would have to gatecrash!! xx

Sandra said...

Honestly, the invitiation is just gorgeous, and oh my you're going to look gorgeous. I can't wait to see your dress. Put the weight gain down to muscle ... it's all that walking LOL.

jeanie g said...

Great to see them finished. They look fab so does the material and pattern. I used to make dresses like this when I was 16!!!