Sunday, 13 February 2011

Busy, Busy day!!

I have just concluded my "albumising!"

Album for Barney, check.
Album for me, check, filled two!
Album for DS1, check.
Album for DS2, check.
Album for places???? That was not on my list but I filled it! And started a second!!
Album for Heritage - Full! Layouts left over!!
Album for "things!" (flowers etc!)
Conclusion = I need more albums!!!
Also just found all my January layouts upstairs (which means DS2's album need re-organising into date order!!!) as well as my 50th Year album too!
Most of these albums are Papermania albums that I started with, but my last two are American crafts albums that I now use! The Heritage album is a K&Co one that you have to stick the layouts on to each page, that's why it's a crisis that it is full!!
Got so tense, I reorganised my punches - again!!! LOL!
By the way, the oven blew up earlier, so have had to force my "big chicken" into my tiny top oven to cook the Sunday roast!! :( More expense!! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Well done Caroline - I hate albumising - esp. when you have to re-organise to get things in chronological order!
Hugs xx
p.s. sorry about your oven :(

Sandra said...

Now see I would have used it as an excuse for a take-away LOL. OOOhhh lookie at all those scrummy albums - well done on your sorting out.