Thursday, 3 February 2011

McFlurry nerves!

Surprisingly, (well, I know I am surprised anyway,) there are people out there who read this daily blog, not for the craft content, but for the daily drivel!!! Yes I was amazed too, but I have a few comments from the non-crafters out there, who, of course, I am trying to convert! I have had a mojo surge throughout January and I noticed all my daily life drivel has been missing! So here's a post for them!
Monday, we got a new car, well, hubby did for work, it's been on order, we have been managing for a few months until it finally arrived! (I am sure I have posted about me having very little time to drive my car as hubby had pinched it and I was left with shanks pony!) So, we pick it up after work and then I find I have to drive it home from the station on Tuesday morning as he is going to Manchester on the train and needs to get straight back to the KC stadium for the big match between Hull City and Leeds - a big local Derby game round here! But, I need time to adjust to new cars! Time to get the hang of things and get over my initial nerves! No chance! Straight in with a twenty minute drive!
Back home and DS2 wants to go out in it for a ride as he did not see it on Monday night.
Then I find he has organised for me to take him and a few mates to school!
Back home to find mum and dad here to go choose curtains for the lounge, so out to the shops. Back home for a cup of tea, then out to pick up DS2 from dance at school and round to the chip shop, only to find I get stuck on the dual carriageway as there is a car four cars in front of me on fire!!! I have to keep the car, with it's new fangled push button hand break, on an incline on the slip-road and edge forward bit by bit. Hill Start???? Push button??? HELP!!! After being there for twenty minutes we all have to do a U-turn on the slip road??? This is a new car???? I can't do a three point turn in a queue of traffic in a new car with push button handbrake??? are you mad?????? I then have to drive half way into Hull on the dual carriageway, opposite direction to where I want to be, to get to a roundabout to do a U turn to come back!! We finally make it to the chip shop, then pick up DS2 from school and realise that the new car is beginning to smell of fish and chips, so we drive home with all the windows open, freezing to death!!! HA! HA! Half an hour later, I am out again to take DS2 to the station to get to his evening dance class. It is about half seven and he will need picking back up at half nine when the train comes back. We then have to get hubby home from the KC stadium! I drive towards Hull and find we are way too early, so we pull into Mc Donalds for a compulsory McFlurry. DS2 says the new one is a Lion bar one, so I think that sounds good, so I go in and order "2 Lion King McFlurry's please!!!""" I ask you???!!!! The girl looks at me "gone out" and I proceed to have hysterics at the counter with all the staff watching!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's my age, well I think it is! I even asked hubby how to work the "Washing machine" on the back window of the new car???? Near enough for me at the moment! By the time we picked hubby up from the match we had trashed the new car by having fish and chips and a McFlurry in it on day one and had had it within feet of an exploding Peugeot 206 in full flames with two fire engines attending!! I have done several risky manoeuvres and taxied half the neighbourhood! I have had the wrinklies in it and parked it in some rough parts of town and this is only day one!! That'll teach him to ask for a lift home from the station!
100 miles later, I gave back a grubby looking new car, with 100+ miles on the clock! But I can drive it perfectly now!!! :) TFLx


SusieJ said...

ROFL - wow! An action packed day Caroline - nothing like being thrown in at the deep end!
Sue xx

Heather said...

What a day!! Well done for coping with all that being thrown at you in one day lol especially getting behind the wheel of a new car without being 'introduced'!! xx

Sandra said...

This so made me giggle.