Friday, 18 February 2011

New day new stash!!

I have bought a Fiskars stamp press thingy!!! For the larger stamps that are hard to get even pressure on.
I watched a video on You tube here I have invested in one, but I have not had time to try it yet!
I also bought a bird punch off eBay as I so want to make some Easter goodies with it and thought the kids at school would make good use of it for Easter cards

It's a limited edition punch, so it wont be around for ever! (I love the Christmas cards made with it as Robin's too, so I think it will be useful!)
I have an idea I saw on the web that I hope to make for Easter so watch this space.
I have also dug out the old Craft Robo at school for card club. I ordered a new carrier sheet and need to remind myself how to use it!! Thought we could make neat Mother's day cards with it if I can remember, so if you have any Craft Robo tips please let me know!!! It is the old CC100-20.
Right off to clear up the muddy mess Barney has just left on the carpet!! A dog with a leg on each corner+muddy flowerbeds+cream carpets= NO GO!!!!!
Parents day today, catch you all later! TFLx

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