Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ok, it's official.....

I think I finally got my head around it, I will be fifty this year, hubby has organised the party, so I need to make invitations!! Last thing I want is for people to not be able to come and celebrate it with me! This is the woman, by the way, who did not want a party! I spent last night trawling the net for my party frock!!! Lol! The diet has been firmly reinstated this morning and it's all systems go! I have large stocks of 'Menopause' bread in the freezer and I am not going down without a fight! I await my blood test results as we speak to find out if my Hysterectomy last year, has indeed triggered the dreaded M!
So, back to the craftiness, Invitations!!! I sort of know what style I am after. I can't remember if I have shared my party ideas here or not, (It's an age thing! I caught it off my parents!!! Note to self I am spending too much time around the elderly!!!) but I am going with two parties in the end!!! A vintage tea party for work colleagues and a Hog Roast for family and friends. (That way I don't end up cooking!) I have decided that God is going to smile on me and give me a nice sunny day in May (Hope he is listening!!!) (As DS2 is playing God in his Rock Challenge piece at school, I thought as the 'mother of God' I deserved some good fortune, so I am thinking positively and planning for a sunny day or two!!!)
My idea is a bit of a fifties theme, (not that I was born in the fifties, but I am to be fifty!!!) for the elegant tea party, with all the people attending to dress up with a 'Thora Hird' type hat or scarf and beads (from last of the summer wine!) We will sit around drinking tea from pretty china cups and I will make dainty sandwiches and scones and a Tiered cupcake stand for the cake at the end. I have decided to make myself a fifties style dress using a vintage pattern off the Internet. I plan to accessorise with hat and shoes from eBay! I aim to have a "Photo booth" set up with some props, so people can record a photo for themselves and me during the party. Here is my mood board of ideas from the web I have collected.

If you are on Pinterest, you can follow me here, and see my ideas. What a fab inspirational site this is! Just found it and enjoying having a look around. I found it through another of my favourite Inspirational sites here. TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

Your party plans sound absolutely wonderful CC! Now then, do NOT forget the sandalized shoes to go with the dress...your time has finally come..ha ha ha ha ha!
Hugs, Sue x

Sandra said...

oh my gosh, how exciting your party plans sound .. I do love the idea of a tea party, and fifties theme ..ooohhh I so can't wait to see photos :)