Thursday, 10 February 2011

Punch obsessed!

I admit it, I have become punch obsessed! I have rearranged my punches lovingly in baskets and been adding to my collection, via a well known auction site! Fiskars squeeze punches to be precise! If I see a bargain, I have to bid!! The money I earned selling stash has bought more punches!! Its how I convinced myself it was allowed, I recycled my stash into different stash so it's a win win situation! My mojo appears to have slowed down again, after a manic January. Besides which, if I create 12x12 layouts at that rate, we would have to move house to accommodate all the albums. Talking of which, I have a whole stack of layouts and no album to put them in :( I never was methodical at "albumizing" (a word created by FIL) I used to just chuck them all in an album as I did them, now I wish I had been more album aware! I was never going to have an BOM album and then I realised that layouts have crept in as I have become more brave! Barney could have had a whole album to himself as the most scrapped dog ever and then recently when I did start scrapping the boys childhood retrospectively, I should have had an album for that!
So one day, when I have nothing to do, I WILL albumize!!! So how do you arrange yours?
1. Barney
2. DS1
3. DS2
4. BOM
5. Heritage
6. Other
So what do you do with Christmas? An the holiday pages I scrapped before I started making mini albums for them? Too complicated!! Help! Please!
Do you ever throw away old layouts that you now hate?? I also have an album that somehow has got damp and the ink jet photo's have run! Should I throw those?
I think I had better go tidy my punches again! It sounds too complicated to work out!
P.S. That very young me in the layout is holding that 6ft dancer that was on the previous post here! Time flies! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Love the sound of the punches!
I have the following albums:
Max (the dog - has more LOs than OH!)
DS x 2 (gradually getting through his early years)
Me x 2 (also getting through my childhood photos)
Christmas (album from a BP kit from QVC)
and one for LOs that don't fit anywhere else!
On top of that I did an album for my brother's 50th and 2 for my Dad using photos of him and Mum as children etc. They've been passed to my brother since Dad died and will be passed to my nephew as he's the last male with the family name.
Sue xx

Sandra said...

Another stunning layout from you ... really, I don't think you know the meaning of missing mojo LOL.

Now, let me think - I have a pets album .. well, it's really just the boy, with the odd cat visitors that we have from time to time LOL. Then a family tree album, House Album, Wedding Album, Holiday albums, a couple of general ones and a christmas album .. and a couple of others which I can't remember at the moment ... but all of these are still ongoing and not in a proper order.

CoventryAnn said...

Interesting to see what everyone else does, wel I did 'albumise' after filing one album randomly, and am so glad I did it early on.... it would take an age to sort all the pages now.
have never thrown an old page, just keep them to see how my scrapbooking has changed in the past 6 years.
Well, here's how mine are sorted...
Book of me (2)
OH (1)
DD1 (4!!)
DD2 (3, nearly 4)
DS (3, nearly 4)
Holidays (2)
Christmas (2)
Heritage and other family (1)

...and that's just the 12x12s.
At over 20 albums at least I can say I have been using my stash!!

Lisa-Jane said...

I dont have enough layouts to worry at the moment! Mine are just in order of when I did them. I have great plans for the future though. Some of the layouts I did in the beginning (about 15 months ago) I dont like, but I will always keeps them because they are mine. They tell a story of how my crafting has developed or how the trends change. I do of course have my Shimelle class albums though ;-)