Sunday, 20 February 2011

So yesterday went like this.......

Hubby is going to football at 12pm so I can have a nice time crafting!!! Try out my new Fiskars stamp press thingy...... no.
Put on first load of washing, get together dog cloths for second load of washing, throw one down stairs, Barney decides to make a bed and sleep on it!!!
Hadn't the heart to evict him!!! He had a busy day at grandma's yesterday, he needs to sleep it off! He realised that the stray cat had moved in to his new apartment

He is worried he has been superseded!!!
Photographed the old oven element that we managed to change on Friday night. Some people go out on a Friday night, hubby and I spend the evening with our head in the oven, cursing and swearing as the whole operation is not as simple as the video on you tube says it should be!!!!!

No wonder the oven blew up! The element had snapped !!!
Emptied dining room dresser to make room for the tea set I have borrowed off mum for my tea party.
Mended the roman blind in the kitchen. Mended hubby's golf umbrella that he had managed to cut with scissors getting the plastic wrapper off!!!!
Won a vintage hat on eBay for my birthday party.
Started surfing eBay for other items I "need" - two hours later I am still sat here! Won ink pads for card club at school though :) Missed out on wood veneer and cake forks :( Can't find an odd saucer for mum's tea set that was one short except in America!!
Went upstairs to craft room to try and fathom out the Craft Robo for school!

Two hours later, still trying to fathom out Craft Robo! Can't get it to cut through card with any blade!! Spacer ring seems to be missing, but not sure I need it anyway! Downloaded latest version of software - whilst keeping an eye on the Leeds Utd score to check if they are seeing a good match!
Ten past four - still have not tried out my Fiskars stamp press thingy!!
Into the shower to wash  my hair quick before picking DS2 up from work and hubby gets home! (Good match, end to end stuff - Leeds managed to equalise in the latter stages and almost clinched a winner!!)
Still no stamp press Fiskars thingy!!! Where does the time go??? Did get the dog cloth back to wash eventually!! Lol! Will try again to craft today! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Indeed - where does the time go? Sounds like a busy Saturday. Love the photo of Barney - typical Max behaviour too!
Good luck with the Fiskars press today!xx

Anne said...

Oh, I have days like that too - you get to the end and wonder what on earth happened!

Anonymous said...

Love the hat Caroline- I've been looking at e-bay too. What is the name of the seller so I could have a look .Ones I've seen are not to my taste..but yours is lovely.I have one already but I can be tempted to buy another as I love the vintage look!!Love Di Ps would you let me know by text as I don't really do e mail.