Friday, 25 March 2011

Creaking gate :(

Woke up today with a bad back, not sure where that has come from! Not great on your day off either when you have loads to do!
Here is a very simple layout I did to show the major repairs on Boothferry bridge in East Yorkshire. This little bridge is shut and will be for over 10 weeks, for major repairs. It has not been repaired for 80 years apparently and needs a major overhaul! It is close to my birthplace and at the moment is causing quite a detour when I visit my parents, so I thought I would put it in my 50th year scrapbook.
The layout is simple, using some photo's and text from the net from a local news website. I also plan a page of the Japanese earthquake for the album of this year. I like the idea of using news stories in a scrapbook, particularly if it is a daily/weekly album, the current events, in years to come, will be most interesting. I placed a smalll brad at each corner of the photographs and then looped some Baker's twine around them to make frames. I printed the story off the net in a fancy script like handwriting.
Ok, off to take my painkillers and search out the wheat bag for this back. It's already been fun trying to load the washing machine ;)


Sandra said...

Great idea putting events into your album. Hope you feel better soon.

Lisa-Jane said...

It hadn't occurred to me before to use current events outside of our home but I guess these are just as important, especially if they have any effect on your own lives, you know the sort of things that don't make it to the papers like the price of bananas going up or the rugby world cup being moved etc. Thanks for the idea although that's even MORE scrapping I need to do! Hope the back improves soon xx