Monday, 28 March 2011

Fighting with curtains!!!

I spent last Saturday fighting with curtains, trying to join two door curtains together with a match to make one wider curtain for mum's french door. It's funny how, when you are not in the mood, what can go wrong, will go wrong!!! Instead of unpicking opposite sides of the two curtains, I unpicked both sides of just one!!!! I then proceed to match them and cut off excess, yet despite my double and triple checking, the match still ends up slightly off! Never mind, I have done my best! We are altering ready made curtains for mum's new lounge redecoration, but I am under a time constraint as she wants them up before next weekend - dad's birthday party - so I had to finish them to take and hang them tomorrow.
Yesterday we had a family birthday party to celebrate my niece, next weekend it is my wedding anniversary and my dad's birthday. I have posted 3 cards today for my nephew and two other friends birthday's so it has been a busy week! Needless to say, on the crafting front, there has been no progress! Yesterday was Studio Calico reveal and I was very restrained after last month! Besides, I have been using my money to buy china on eBay! I did however decide to get a WR Memory Keepers Sew Easy stitch tool and mat. I had read mixed reports, but have decided to give it a go. If it is no good, it can be sold on eBay! Lol!
I have enjoyed using my Epiphany crafts round shape studio. I got some more epoxy domes for it as I can see me running out! They do one in a button shape, but I have resisted so far. I used it for the first time on a layout the other day and was very taken with it.
So what is the chance of crafting this week????? Zilch!!! Today is school planning day, so tomorrow I can go and hang curtains at mum's, Wednesday and Thursday are work and Friday I need to catch up on all the housework I could not do last week due to my bad back!!! That's how it goes sometimes!! Need to check if I am up to date with my 50th Year album too! TFLx

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