Friday, 11 March 2011

Out with Mrs Beeton....

and let's check out her advice for afternoon tea!!!
I have spent three days looking for my vintage Mrs Beeton books. I have been through the loft, only to find them in the craft room!! Typical! In fact I found a third copy too!
The top one I bought of eBay a few years ago and the bottom one was a gift when I left work twenty years ago to have my family. It was a bit of a joke! It had been kicking around, minus it's cover and I used to say "I will take that when I leave" and they gave it me for a laugh!!
So what does Isabella have to say??
Her suggestions for sandwiches are worrying me slightly. Just about every filling has anchovies in it! Anchovy and Egg, Anchovy and Haddock, Caviar sandwiches, Celery sandwiches, Cheese sandwiches (with anchovy essence!!) Chicken sandwiches with cooked ham or tongue in them, Cod's Roe sandwiches (with essence of anchovy this time!) Cucumber, Salmon and finally Tomato.
She advises that "The sandwiches, cakes etc provided for an At Home tea, should always include  an assortment that can be handled without injury to gloves!!!!!" Thank goodness for that!!! Lol! "Strawberries should have their stalks removed, so they can be eaten with a fork."
Not certain I shall be following all of her advice!! I already have my china, 6 tea knives, 6 cake forks and 6 fruit spoons. I am still searching for my odd saucer for my tea set!
Today some vintage glasses arrived in the post all beautifully wrapped and in one piece!

I missed out on some bids today that went far too high and I am being firm with myself! I love a bargain!! I am thinking maybe Pimms in this jug and glass set! Or pink lemonade?? Been choosing my cake recipes too! I think maybe a coffee gateau, chocolate eclairs, shortbread biscuits, meringues, cupcakes of course and fresh strawberries and cream, as well as the scone with jam and cream! and let's not forget the cupcakes!! She does mention some kind of fruit cake too! So many recipes and so little time to bake! I can't wait!! Somehow scrapping has taken a back seat again!! TFLx


Anonymous said...

Your Afternoon Tea sounds scrummy. Have you tried local Charity shops for 1950's stuff - ours had a Glass Set in the other day very similar to the one you show.
I have my Mum's Be-ro Book - it's also full of useless advice like keep plenty of Tea Strainers handy & don't forget to keep the kettle topped up & boiling - lol....Mgt.x

Sandra said...

ooohhhh I so adore your latest buy, it's beautiful, and yes maybe pick the bits you like out of the books, and leave the others LOL.

Heather said...

sounds absolutely delicious :)