Thursday, 10 March 2011

A pain in the neck!

Literally, this week has been a pain in the neck for many reasons!! One of which is a literal pain in my neck due to poor PC posture!! After two days at the desk last week at work and two more this week I have had some painful hours and lack of sleep which tells me my posture is not good! That, coupled with my total lack of attention to my eye line and seating position (apparently!) My monitor is now on a shoebox and I am doing a little better! Thank goodness for the wheat bag!
(All other pains in the neck for this week must be glossed over!)
There has been a complete lack of crafty time and my dress has progressed no further! I received my new supply of photographs from Snap fish and have done nothing with them! I must be behind with my album now, I dare not look! I ordered a battery slide viewer so dad and I can go down memory lane and sort through his old slides, of which he has hundreds!! There is a whole section of my life that is not on film, but on slide instead and I hope to find some I can print off.
I did a trawl of the local charity shops this week, sourcing items for my tea party and came up with nothing! Suddenly the whole world has a passion for vintage glasses and china!! Not to mention snap closure handbags!! Lol! Never mind, I am enjoying the hunt! I have been lucky with my bids on some things on eBay and have some cute items to share.
It's the thrill of the chase and I must admit you can get a little trigger happy in the bidding frenzy that ends the auction! The trick is to not get carried away! I have set myself a budget which I hope to stick to and have a few more parcels on their way! Some of us will be able to eat and drink in style anyway! I am hopefully making a page about these remember! It may need to turn into a mini album at this rate! TFLx


jeanie g said...

OOOh you have my sympathy, hope the neck pain improves soon. Yes where would we be without the old wheat bag, I swear by mine. Love all your vintage finds here too. xx

Sandra said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I've never actually bought anything from ebay - but I enjoy the browsing - at the moment, I'm obsessed looking at old eiderdowns :) Love those glasses, my MIL gave me her old babycham glasses ..oohh I'm loving anything vintage at the moment, and yes, I agree, so is everyone else LOL.